Typical day...

Spent the afternoon hunting for a fridge, a washer, a dryer and a TV. Bought 2 of 4.... the washer and the fridge. And they gave us like 26 lucky draw slips to fill in? Well, thats 26 chances to win anything of your choice that costs below $4000 within the store. Chose a 40" TV and a DVD recorded which costs like $3698. Had to fill in the code...which was like DVDHR755XXS~250GB and A40A550P1R755XSS on top of the description, the model and the price.... 26 times!! It's times like this when we appreciate Mr Carpal (for finding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

Evening time... i was driving to a local coffee shop to ta pao dinner. Many things crossed my mind. Seems like I just had tons of minor unimportant things to do. The moment I stepped out of the car door, I told myself, get those things done. I got off, holding a cashcard and an URA fine slip. Made an order at the 'zhi cha' then proceeded to the AXS machine. Got the fine paid, then topped up the cashcard. Then proceeded to draw money and collect the food. Ended up forgetting to get new parking coupons.

After dinner, had to send a present to Joshua. He turns 3 today. Bought him an airport with cars and cones and an airplane and stuff. The moment I got there, I wished Josh happy birthday, and he practically jumped on me. I don't know how he did it, but he ended up on top of my shoulders while doing the titanic scene with both arms spread!! His mom seemed to have so much confidence that I wont drop Josh... but I'm not taking any chances, so I let him down the moment I could. Natt came over and collected the present from me. Like it was her birthday. We ended up opening the present together. Josh on one side, Natt on the other...and me in the center mediating the opening. When we opened the present, the maids gasped in horror at the number of small parts they had to deal with. I apologised profusely to them, then looked at the kids having the time of their lives. Even Bel Bel got her hands on it. She took one piece of the luggage pick up ladder and started putting it in her mouth. Good thing the ladder was a huge piece, and no way was it going in that tiny mouth.

I was really tired from all the furniture hunting and reno stuff. So I swallowed my share of the cake, downed the orange juice and bid my mom and the family good night. The maids carried the two smaller kids, and together with Natt, sent me down to the carpark. It's just heartwarming, watching those kids waving and shouting Byyyeee!!.

I drove off to the new place and spent the next hour off loading stuff from the car to the house. Don't understand why I have so much stuff. Maybe I've never gotten to throwing away the things people give me. Thank god I bought that Nike bag in London. Saved me from having a backache or slipdisc.

Drove over to coffee bean, and got my cafe latte, before driving back home to blog about this.

Will get a few more things done, before i call it a day and hit the sack. Gd nite!!


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