The source of Samurai X?

Oh wow. There is a movie in 1990 that Ruruoni Kenshin might have been based on.

Okita Soji does "dojo yaburi"(道場破り/どうじょう やぶり) in this scene ― making a challenge at a kendo hall (and bringing its members to their knees). She wins and gets the hall's symbol ― a door plate made of wood and written in brush with India ink stick [sumi/墨/すみ]. But they're not satisfied and pursue after Okita. Okita meets them again in a manner of fair tactic uses the Mine-uchi (reverse edge sword) in order not to kill anybody.

Things are not going well...

Reached the office for about an hour...

and aredy I have comments that I look like:

Well at least one person was kinder... said I look like a


Just had a haircut... I look like a bowl now....

^%$#%$# hairdresser dun know what "dun cut so short" mean... the more i ask him to stop cutting, the more he cut!! .... must have undergone trauma or got dumped just before cutting my hair... basket.. %$%$#%$@


Third time I slept with my eyes open.

First time was when they had this ang mo from overseas give a full day talk. I was trying really hard not to doze off, when 70% of the seminar room was asleep. Half way, my colleague laughs and tells me that I was asleep but my eyes are open! Says that this is a skill he has yet to learn.

Second time was 2 days ago. Was staring at my computer screen so long, that I stared blank and went into stasis. Someone spotted me and I woke up wondering how the person know I was asleep.

Third time, just happened a few minutes ago. When everyone went in for a briefing, and I was thinking about watching la bi xiao xin (crayon shin-chan) after work. Felt sooo sleepy, especially after singing in partybox till 1am the night b4. And I can feel my eyelids trying to flip close.

Its either I am getting old, or I really need to lay off the coffee (or drink more) whichever works.






Basket red tape..


A temp staff friend asked me for help to get his other temp staff buddy a n95 mask. His buddy wasn't feeling well since yesterday, and should've been given one the day before.

I went over to a guy who gave out masks yesterday and asked if he had any masks left to spare. He had quite a bit of spares but insisted to go to ask his colleague if he had surgical masks. That colleague he approached said that he should just issue a n95 mask. If there are insufficient masks, he would go to the upper floor to get more.

So we went back to this guy's cubicle to get the n95 mask. When we reached his cubicle, he made a remark that he was just giving out masks for his department, and he was doing us a favor by giving us staff from another department the masks. He then added that we had a rep, but the rep is in another office, so we must have another rep from our department to give out the masks. At that point, I asked a question. If say I was the rep, where would I get the masks from? And the answer was in front of his cubicle %$#%#@$!#$@!#$@%$. What's the diff if he gave out the mask or someone else gave out the mask???

It's not like I am getting something which costs like hundreds of dollars, or something expensive that requires justification. It's just a mask. Regretted asking. Should have just gone downstairs and bought one for my friend's friend.

Seriously, I have nothing against the guy who gave out the masks, he was probably just doing his job. But I'm just really appalled by how rigid and idiotic things are at work...