Need for Speed?

Part 1
First time da boss took my car. As usual, I would kick in the disclaimer, to deny all responsibility on the safety and health of passengers sitting in the car. Confidently, he reassures me that he is heavily insured, with sufficient left for his wife, kids and other family members.
Once he got in, I told him that this happens to be the third most dangerous car in the company. First being shorty's car, cos he's a road demon. He probably grew up eating dust and smoke. No matter how I tried, mine only managed a distant third. Puzzled, he asked me who held the record for the second most dangerous driver. Casually, I said "the lady sitting beside shorty". Surprised, he asked, "She drives recklessly??" And after pausing for 2 seconds, I said "Err, she can drive?" (I'm going to get killed for this)

Part 2
Once, da boss drove us to a meeting. As we were reaching the carpark, a car came from the back and sounded his horn before overtaking our car and turning into the carpark. After parking the car, we went up to the meeting room and saw his colleague there. My boss looked at his colleague and casually asked, "Eh just now u horn me ah?" The reply was....."Must be la, u drive so dem blardee slow."

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