Some music, a book and a nice warm cup of coffee?

Was going out for lunch when a colleague asked if I wanted to pop by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. Another colleague exclaimed that I have had my 2nd cup of coffee already and that having too much coffee is "serious". Well, having 2-3 cups a day isn't too bad, but raising it to 6-8 cups a day might be a little excessive.

That reminded me of my recent trip to Italy, where coffee was like $3-$5 Euros, translated to about S$6- S$8 for a small cup of miracle juice. Considering the price of coffee and not wanting to pay double for a drink, we resorted to having coke and water instead.

Having had my fair share of coffee over the past few months, cutting out this caffein supply was not a good idea. It seems that my mood swings actually increased, and I was a little gloomy on one of the days on tour. Then came the time when we went to the local convenience store for some tidbits and I got myself a movenpick coffee ice-cream. You would be surprised at the effects of having some coffee ice-cream in your mouth after days of abstaining from it.

That being said, here are some articles that coffee addicts like me would console ourselves with:

Well, for me, I'd stick to cutting down on coffee but 2-3 cups a day wouldn't be too bad, would it?

Annual Lunch Performance

I'm back! It's been reeeeaallllyyy busy since I got back, with tons of work piling up. Anyway, we took some time off at the office to prepare for an annual lunch performance. The newbies in the division were all arrowed to perform a sketch, song or something. Tweedle dee wonder dummy came up with an idea of doing a hokkien song, and the song we chose was 'ji ki shio ho sua'... or 'one small umbrella'. As you can see, we ran out of small umbrellas...

Here's a link to the video. It takes heck of a long time to load but it's worth it (Cough...cough..).

I'm Back!

The title sez it all.... Still a bit lethargic, so I guess you'd be hearing just that little bit from me.. until I recover to full blogging capacity...hehe