We got lights!!

Finally... the lights are up. Just a few more finishing touches and I can move in. Have been struggling and staying at a rented place for years! Finally, staying in a $320 room with family after family... and not succumbing to the pleasure of renting a whole unit is paying off.

Spent the whole morning sweeping and mopping up the place after the electrician finished each light. When he finally got the last light up, I was already half dead.

Was supposed to have dinner with my sister and family and my mom. My sis called to tell me that the car battery was out. So I headed to town to rescue them and bring them to Ivins for peranakan food. Half way through, they told me they got a mechanic from Subaru to change the batteries. So, headed down to UE Square to have dinner at Swensens.

Her kids are just a racket. Natt was pretending not to know me. When I caught hold of her.. I asked "Who am I?" and she looked at me and said "Uncle Quito!!" Got to the car after dinner and the two monkeys wanted to sit in my car. Can u imagine... I had to drive at 50kmph!!! The whole journey!! When we reached, I tried to reverse park... but the only thing I could see on the rear view mirror was the two monkeys!!

Finally, they got out and went for their tour... and the kids couldn't stop running about the house. They went in the restroom, wet their hands... and started putting hand prints on the wall! Almost fainted. Natt said "I can reach the light switch" and then went around the whole house turning on and off every light she can find. Josh and Natt took turns to run about the house. After about an hour (I guess), we went downstairs. The maid carried Josh over and said "he wants to give u a goodbye kiss"... hahaha... he did.

Got home feeling totally exhausted... and the 10 yr old kid of the house was watching her dvd. When i got in the house, she paused the show, kept Mojo in his house, made me sit down and started doing a dance to a Rihanna song! I was tired, but I guess resting would have to wait. She ended the song sliding and laying on the floor while the maid threw scraps of shredded paper into the air. It was just so amusing. I guess she got wind that I was leaving. The maid even said that I must get a maid after one year, cos thats when her contract with this owner expires. Sometimes, I just think I have an affinity with kids. Haha... maybe I am one... just a slightly bigger one... hahaha.

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