Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!! May everything you venture upon be a success, every event in life be a happy one and may you find wealth, health, love and happiness every step of the way. ;) Have a Great 2010!!

Lessons Learnt Today...

Lesson 1: Always put safety boots in a box. Never leave them in your car boot. After a year or so, the rubber rots. Learnt the hard way. Had to spend hours cleaning the car boot.

Lesson 2: Never go on a row with cleaning. Learn how to stop. Wanted to clean some papers in the car. Then though, "what the heck, might as well clean the boot" which gave rise to Lesson 1. And then, to compound on the error, though "ah... might as well clean the whole car", which in fact should be Lesson 3.

Lesson 3: Don't stay back even a bit after work. You might invite a lot of nice higher management people asking funny questions.

Lesson 4: If you're dead tired, take a bath and go to bed. Don't listen to your subconscious mind telling you, *whisper* "clothes haven't fold... floor dirty... wipe table... throw garbage... ".

Lesson 5: Don't blog when you're tired.

McD Happy Meal..

Got a Na'vi dire horse from a McD Happy Meal set... a bit dissapointing though...cos look like substandard retarded kiddie horse..

Just saw Avatar on 3D!!...

Nose bridge still hurting from wearing the 3D glasses after leaving cinema... heh

Merry Christmas!

Just a simple Christmas... with some roast chicken, a little sparkling grape wine... a new chair in the dining room... a christmas tree... some gifts.. and a quiet quiet night... nice..


Haha... got a psp as a christmas present!!

Already downloaded 7 wonders, valkyrie profile and dynasty warriors in it! Gonna be busy man.. haha

Salah la..

Wonder how the organisers got both names wrong... Phew..lucky mine was right

Absent Minded...

What happens when you forget your company pass?

Call a fren? Wait for someone to come out of the door?

Problem is... to enter the 5th level, u can't go thru the front door. Security will check your pass upon entry.

U can only possibly enter thru the basement carpark which is also guarded by security but is a bit more lax on security. If you manage to pass the security at the basement entrance, you still have a security encoded door to go thru to get to the lift. Assuming that u pass that too, u will take the lift up to the 5th level and be approached by another security encoded door. By passing the second door, u will be able to get into the office.

So, the entire day, I have to encounter all these obstacles just to get to my cubicle, just because I left my pass on the table at home.

First time, I waited 5 mins, before giving up and calling a fren. Having used up the 'call a fren' lifeline, the second time i went downstairs, I borrowed a fren's pass. Third time, I loitered in the basement till someone I knew drove in with a car and followed the person upstairs. Fourth time, I waited for someone to come, passed the first security door, waited 5 mins, then gave up and used the 'call another fren' lifeline. Fifth time, which was close to the end of the day, I waited in the carpark for someone to go home... but no one came out from the basement door for 10 mins! Then I went to another exit and waited another 5 mins... then decided that I was getting tired and going nowhere waiting for someone to exit the door, and used the 'call the same fren again' lifeline.

Why I was at the basement so many times? Come to work, take safety boots and helmet from car for site visit, come back from lunch, put boots and helmet back in car and left bag upstairs before going home.


Don't know why I'm so prone to trouble the past few days...

Just managed to set things right with a circular I was posting out... and now... just as I get myself out of one bowl of soup... I'm back in another one...

Wonder if it's me... or if something is wrong somewhere...

Hate to think that it's me... or it's just my luck...


Was attending some seminar today, lasts 2 days, that costs about London 450 Pounds per person. The tea break was ok, cos the fruits look nice. Cut into cylindrical slices. And got some small cakes. But when lunch came, they served us curry chicken with rice and noodles! And some vegetables la. But $450 lei. Pounds somemore. How can just serve chicken?

Then before going back, someone told me bag lai bin got organiser. But my bag and another male colleague bag dun haf (gender bias). When we went out of the conference hall, we met the girl organiser. She told us there are lots of organisers in the hall...can just take. Cos we are doing advertising for them if we use their organisers. And I was trying to be courteous by saying, "Thanks, if i see ur company on site, I will be lenient hor..." Before I finish my sentence... the two colleagues with me stopped me and dragged me away, cos it was politically incorrect for to say that. Hahaha.

Then half way, had to detour, cos I came late and forgot to take the free carpark coupon from them.

Hais...tomorrow another long day at conference. Wonder if my boss will make the same comments again.. "Why r u not in tie and suit? Why jeans and t-shirt?"

Currently watching..

Hot Blood on KBS..

Some show about a car salesperson who wans to make it big..

heh.. quite corny.. that's why I'm watching it..

They still haven't dubbed episode 10 on mysoju.. have to wait for KBS to show..arrghh..


Heh... spent 4 hrs at Kbox Clementi today...

Annual free starbucks day

Got to a short queue in time for a free drink at Starbucks on Friday. Even the Uncle from an opposite restaurant couldn't help himself.

Quick update...

Sis went to hospital due to high fever. Dad came down for 3?4? days. Ate Putian Hsing Hua food, from our village in China.


Next yr I got bad health le... Better take more chicken essence


This will be a great year for you to execute your plans, especially in the areas of your career and wealth and you will also be given the necessary authority to do so. While your responsibilities and job scope increases, you might also have difficulty focusing. You will also not want to attempt handling everything on your own. Having many loyal supporters will also be very beneficial to you during this year as with many things to do and little time to do so, you might tend to be more moody and less tolerant than usual. However you will be able to manage your temper well. There might be a tendency to compromise your own health and that might result in unstable health conditions. Thus, you might want to delegate some of your responsibilities in order to have some time for yourself to rest and keep healthy. Although your wealth luck will not be very good this year, it will still be above average and you will even be able to save more money compared to last year. Relationship matters will only be average this year. Your elders’ might have very poor health and safety this year that might even be life threatening. As such you might want to take special precautions to reduce the possibility of such incidents occurring.


This year will be a great time to manifest your career dreams as you will be bestowed the power and authority to carry out bigger plans. With more power and authority, will come a wider job scope and heavier responsibilities. Thus you might find yourself being stretched where your personal time and health is concerned. Since you will have too many things on your plate, your focus and concentration will be weaker than average and you might tend to overlook details or forget matters. You might also want to avoid making impulsive decisions and for any important matters, you should give more time to look through the details before coming to any decision. The loyal and supportive allies that you have formed over time will come in very handy this year as they will be able to watch over you and lighten your workload. “Delegation” will be the key word for you. As there will be a greater tendency to have inadequate rest resulting in weaker health, your tolerance level will be lower than usual. You will need to watch your temper and keep your health at an optimal level in order to utilize your good career opportunities. If you are in business, this will be good year to consider expanding. Expansion of business will not imply that you rush into increasing your headcount or expanding the size of your premises. Instead you might want to look at the fundamentals of your business and consider expanding your business taking a practical and realistic approach where your success rate will be higher than in previous years. When you are launching such expansion plans, there will be many matters that you will need to attend to from legal, financial to operational matters. Due to having too many matters to attend to you might overlook or forget things. Thus, it will be best to have someone that you can trust to help you during this crucial period. Not only will the person be able to double check on matters, they will also be able share the workload with you. It will not be realistic to try to do everything by yourself even though you might not want to trust others completely, you will certainly need some help. As you will also be more grumpy than usual this year, you might not want to let this affect your judgment and your relationship with people who will be able to support you.


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Your relationship matters will remain stable and quiet this year as your focus will be on your career, wealth and health as those areas will require more of your time and effort. If you are single, there will be a high likelihood of being so preoccupied that you will not notice people being interested in you. If you are in a relationship, you might respond in an indifferent manner. Even if there are some relationship issues that annoy you, it will be best to express your unhappiness in a very subtle manner. You might also prefer not to rock your relationship during this period.


You will be prone to falling ill and most of the health problems will be due to inadequate rest, irregular meals, and a poor immune system. Though time will be very precious, you will not want to abuse your body by allowing time for rest and having regular meals. No matter how busy you might be, do not compromise your health as good health will be the foundation of your success. In order for you to run the extra mile, you will need to have good health. Apart from your own health, you might want to keep an eye on your elder’s health and safety as there might be the possibility of life threatening incidents.


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Less time to blog...

Been having less and less time nowadays to blog or fb... seems like life is getting busy again.

Guess it's a good thing though, cos I somehow feel that the more u had to go online, the more it meant that u aren't really occupied enough. But still, I do feel that I should share some thoughts with friends sometimes.

At work, I have been spending some time thinking about what I wan to do and what I wanna achieve. And I guess while I have yet to have a solution, I'm putting a lot more effort at work now, so that, when the time comes, I wont be too slouchy to move on.

At home, it feels kinda comforting, that I have moved on from staying in a rented room to my own place. And that I have a place to call home. Life as usual is snoozy, but we're doing much more things now. Still haven dragged myself to apply for the cooking class yet.

And sleep is becoming precious. Talking about sleep... I should take 5 winks now... yawn..

And oh.. Atai...before I forget, the next time I go down to Burger King for a burger... I will enquire for u ya....
Nite nite!


Happy Halloween! Muahahaha...

Flea Market!!

China Square Central la... not Central Square.. heh

I lectured 1000 ppl!

Can't believe I just finished 2 sessions of training! Each had like close to 500 ppl! Was trying my best not to finish too fast, but I ended up doing my 45 minute sessions in 20 and 15 mins.

First round, when my lecture ended, out of the norm, I asked, "Are there any questions?" One guy in the front row said, "Like wat?" Hahaha.
Well, as I walked to the back of the hall, there was one question though, a participant stood up and gave me hand signals, which I surprisingly understood as 'Can we leave?' I did hand signs, and surprisingly, he understood 'Sit down, not yet'.

Second round, and the administrators came over to ask me if it was ok to leave the doors open because someone either had diarrhoea, or stepped on something. I told them that there was vomiting smells at the corridor leading to the lecture hall, and enthusiastically they grabbed their air fresheners, and ran out to eliminate the smell.

Finished the lecture in 15 mins, and the next lecture said "Ah Tong, sibeh kin lei!" and I responded "Not first time also.. heh". Why he called me 'Ah Tong' all of a sudden I really dunno.

On a seperate note, I just found out that my boss' christian name is Roger, that teaching 2 classes in a row is really tiring and that I suck at teaching. There goes my career with MOE.

I'm sooo beat...

Washed the matress covers, swept and mopped the floors, scrubbed the toilets, washed the mats... pant pant.. all in a morning's work. Sometimes feel like a guy maid.

Had dim sum after that though ...mmm... nice..

Working from home..

Working from home really isn't half bad.... apart from having to eat my own cooking. Feels good just looking out into greenery after a rainy day. It just feels serene... staying in the comfort of your own home.

Naruto Manga..

Have been watching naruto manga @ http://www.mangavolume.com/ during my free time. The anime is simply coming out too slow. Can't wait for the next episode though, cos Shippuuden is finally becoming a little bit more interesting.
Wished they had it all in color though, the black and white pages are really less appealing.

Home made lemongrass juice...

Bought some lemongrass and tried making this at home.

For those who want to try,

1) Wash and cut the lemongrass half and remove the root and any yellow leaves.
2) Thump the lemongrass with the blunt side of the knife to make it easier to release juice when boiling.
3) Put in hot water and bring to boil, then lower the fire and simmer for 1.5 hrs.
4) Add sugar and/or ice to liking.


Just brought the car to the service center early this morning, cause the spoiler came out.

Wonder how this small guy actually holds the spolier down....

Oww oww....

Graphic content. Do not read if u have weak heart. Or am easily bored.

Have been having stomach problems for the past 3-4 days. Since sat, when I first took the kaya toast (the name of the shop is withheld.. ask me if u wanna know), I have been having vomiting spells and diarrhoea for 2 whole days. End of Sunday, and I finally gave up with natural healing and downed two pills of loperamil. From then on, diarrhoea and vomiting became constipation.

Come Monday morning, I had a presentation, so the only recourse was another 2 pills of loperamil. Good thing was that the cold sweat and my constant wiping of the forehead was not noticed by the audience or my colleague. Went straight home for bed rest after that as two days without food was taking its toll. Come Monday night and I became hungry and made myself a Maggi Mee. Thought I would be attacked by a bout of indigestion, but the empty stomach seemed to accept the Maggi Mee willingly.

Tuesday and I had my first bao. Tuesday afternoon and I even had mixed rice. By 2pm, the effects of mixed rice took place. This time, vomiting spells came back. A colleague mentioned in the morning that it may be a flu virus and I can't help but agree. Skipped dinner and replaced the beef rice I bought with 2 cups of Coke instead. Surprising thing is that I am still moving, am yet to feel dehydrated, and can still conjure up jokes.

To be continued.... (if I can still type after today)


Under repair..

Ice Cream Day!!!

Our company never fails to amuse me with the kinda ideas they come up with. We have the occassinal 'why are we here?' sessions and the 'can we go yet?' forums, which we all dread, and then there is ice cream day!
2.15pm and some gan cheong colleague of mine goes around rounding us up to go upstairs, when the ice cream was supposed to be served at 3pm? All of a sudden 20-50 year olds all become 12 year old kids, and u can see the enthusiasm etched on their faces. Ya, I am guilty too. Got ice cream from upstairs, albeit some minor hiccups from some #$$%^#$ people who insisted that it was their session and ours was later, when there were no one queueing.
Later at 3pm, the same gan cheong colleague comes over and asks me if I wanted a round 2. Bosses were serving then, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get served by the boss, considering that its quite scarce to get them to do things for us. Everyone ended up standing at a cubicle and joking about ice cream, dark chocolate flavouring and stuff like that.
On a good note, as I was leaving the office carpark, I saw aunty and her kid. As he waved bye bye, he said "Babai Jonathan Kor Kor!!". This kid is intelligent. If he said "Babai Uncle Jonathan!!" I'd probably have given him a wedgie. Now, I am contemplating on giving him ice cream instead. Wonder if they have any leftovers from upstairs. Wahahaha..


Believe in something hard enough..and it will come true..


Though I was early today. Drove to the city... and there was a biiiiigggg jam waiting for me. Usually take 5 mins to drive to the office from Beach Road. Ended up taking 30 mins!!

Seriously, someone should whack the TPs.. one of them was just standing there in the middle of traffic doing nothing. If dun direct traffic, at least get out of the way la. Cause more jam lei. Best part is, some drivers drove into the yellow box and blocked most of the traffic trying to turn or go straight. And the fella just stand there and look. (*&%%@. Dun wanna use vulgarities also cannot.

Got to work at 8.55am and had like 5 mins for bf. Then my buddy told me the jam is because of F1. And that its gonna last till the 29th? %$#%$#*&^*&^&%$^%#$#...

Night (afternoon) mare..

Had an afternoon nap. And dreamt that my dad had a vietnam wife and went to vietnam to sell knives. And there were plastic holder knives all over the house kitchen. Tried to take one on the top and it resembled twin huge cleavers used by the 'dai yee loong' (da er loong). Woke up in a sweat.

Must be because we bought knives from Ikea, and I haven't called dad in a while. But still don't get the vietnam part.

Woke up and found a nice big Mega Mac (the 4 patty one) on the table waiting for me for dinner..


On Sunday, authorities have identified the body discovered at Arafune mountain as that of missing Crayon Shin-chan manga creator Yoshito Usui through dental records and other means. The body was discovered 120 meters below the mountain’s Tomoiwa cliff and reported at about 10:25 a.m. on Saturday by a male climber. Usui’s backpack, camera, and other items had fallen about 50 meters away. Inside Usui’s backpack was his mobile phone, wallet, and clothes. A police helicopter from Gunma Prefecture airlifted the body on Sunday afternoon. Police from the nearby town of Shimonita concluded that the 51-year-old creator died from collapsed lungs and other injuries sustained across his entire body sometime in the afternoon of September 11. According to Usui’s family, Usui had said that he was “going hiking for a day in Gunma Prefecture,” as he often did, on the morning of September 11. His mobile phone was last detected in the vicinity of Karuizawa, a town about 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) northwest of his Kasukabe home, on Monday. Karuizawa is located in the mountainous eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, near the border of the equally mountainous Gunma Prefecture. In particular, Usui was said to have expressed his intent to climb the Arafune mountain, which towers 1,422 meters (4,665 feet) high at the border between Nagano and Gunma Prefectures. According to Gunma Prefecture’s police, there are no guardrails near the top of Tomoiwa cliff, but the established climber’s trail is too far from the cliffside for someone to fall. Authorities had been searching this area since his wife reported his disappearance on September 12, after he did not return the night before. The editorial staff at Futabasha’s Manga Town magazine has stated on Sunday night that the “future publication [of Crayon Shin-chan] is to be determined.” Futabasha said it was “going through great shock, now that the worst outcome has come to past. There are no words to express the anguish of the surviving family, but we just pray for his happiness in the next world.”

Source: Anime-media