Phew. Went for a haircut, nearly got into an accident on the way tired I missed out the turning green arrow, paid all the bills at AXS, drew money for tomorrow, went home, took a bath, folded clothes. Finally, I have some time to blog.

As usual, each time I have a haircut, I have to blog about it. This time is no different.

On the way in to EC house at Bukit Panjang, the guy leaving said to the lady that was going to cut my hair, "Next time you must cut for me ya". And then when my haircut started, a lady came in and said, "Ooh I want you to cut for me. You are the only one who knows how to cut my hair". So I presumed she must be really good, or she paid a lot of money to hire extras. I think it's the former, cos a hair cut at EC house costs $10 only. But hor, after the haircut... I look like a kid! At certain angles, I look as if I haven't gotten a haircut, at other angles, I look like a small kid. Oh well, maybe fusion suits me. Half old, half young. Half L, half DMC. Half Takeshi, half Orlando.

And on the way there, I heard something on the radio about a survey on how difficult it is to complain about government officers here. Seriously, I don't understand the fixation of people to complain. It's like we're all branded. "Don't give us what we want when we complain, and you should be hung!" That kinda thing. Firstly, not all officers are like that. It's like a zoo, u have different species in each cage. In our oval office, we have different officers at each cubicle too. We're not all just monkeys, we have zebras, kangaroos and tigers too. Recently got a complaint about some works being done, and after checking that nothing was wrong and replying to the source, the response was "guarantee now..that nothing will ever go wrong...ever". For 2.5 seconds, I felt like I was escalated to the status of an ephemeral being. "Yes, I guarantee that you will live till 100 years old". Shaking my head, I realise that the only response that was possible was "Sorry, wrong recipient. Turn left, turn right, turn another left and you will see the Prayers Department...ask for a guy named God". Seriously, complain if it warrants complaining and ask for your rights. But don't just ask for the sky. The person that deals with your complaint, might very well be your son that just graduated, or some young kid that is just taking instructions from older, more sinister..I mean experienced... seniors.

On a lighter note, I am still half way thru folding lions. Don't ask. If you find a good origami lion diagram (no Japanese lion please.. no I am not prejudiced against Japanese, it's just that I saw that clip on youtube alredy), do send it to me.

And ooh... remember posting a note long long ago about some tabs. Seems like I still get emails from all over the world asking me to share the tabs. Worst thing is.. I didn't keep it, or rather I've misplaced it. Just surprised that people still send me emails years later requesting for it.

Very Curious

Was at a hotel lobby waiting, when i look into the fish pond, and saw a white fish. Looked like any other fish, except this one kept following me. And each time i waved, it reared its head up, as if asking me to pet it. I tot maybe all the fishes dere were like dat. But when I tried waving at other fish, they just swam away. Hmm.. looked like a type of catfish, but i think it thinks it is a dogfish.

On the pill...

Ok... I know I must've related this story before.. maybe even posted it somewhere.. but heck.. I'm gonna tell it again. Well, recently a friend just added me on FB..and I looked into the pic and saw the 66 pill guy! Ya man...
Well, if u dunno the goes..
There was this classmate who had a headache..and needed panadol. He took 2..and still had a headache... so he took another 2...and still had a he took another 2.. and no more headache!
But the ambulance came and he was admitted to the hospital..
I turned back and told another classmate "he took 6 panadol." And he in turn turned back and told the next person "he took 16 panadol". By the time it went all the way to the back of the class... I think it should've been like 60 panadols?...
I left the classroom and went next door. A fren from that class came over and said to me.. "Hey, you know wat? Some guy from the other class took 66 panadols and was admitted to the hospital!"
Goes to say.. dun believe entirely wat u hear from others... chances are, it's only 10% correct!

Orthros No Inu

Watching this now. Quite an interesting series, with a fiend Ryuzaki Shinji that possesses a God Hand that can heal any injuries or illnesses, and a teacher Aoi Ryosuke that has Demonic hands that can kill people with a touch. Still wonder why the title is called Orthros no inu or Dog of Orthros, considering Orthros is a dog itself.

Down to some Greek Mythology on Orthros, Orthros was a two-headed, serpent-tailed dog, a brother of monsters such as Kerberos and the Khimaira better known as Cereberus and Chimera. He mated with the latter, siring the Sphinx and Nemean Lion. (Wow, diden realise mythological beasts can mate!) His master was the three-bodied giant Geryon, king of the sunset isle of Erytheia. Orthros was set to guard his master's fabulous herd of red-skinned cattle. That being said, this info has totally nothing to do with the series, minus the fact that Ryosuke put a dog soft toy beside his student's bed and orthros might appear somewhere later in the movie??


Went for 15 mins on the treadmill and another 45 hiking up the nature reserve. Made lunch, cleaned up, fold clothes. Yawn. I'm beat.

Sydney Opera House

Hehe.. just completed this morning.


AArrrgghhh I where got look like this!!!

Atypical night..(atypical = not so typical la)

Now...who says we can't make full use of our time? Tonight, I had dinner, met friends for a drink, went home, vacuumed the car and got myself some time to jog.

Well, had dinner. Then went to the city and spent about an hour and a half with buddies and drank a small cup of sake (ya really small). Vacuuming the car took longer than expected. It's not totally clean, but its a big improvement over what it was before. And was planning to go jogging for about an hour, but ended up coming back after 20 minutes. Oh well, its an achievement ok. Haha...

On the hindsight, I also managed to get myself locked out of my own condo. Forgot to bring the passcard, and no one... just practically no one.... was going in or coming out of the condo. Spent a while roaming outside, and I guess the security must be wondering wat I am doing. By the time I got over being paisei and pressed the security button, they just opened the electromagnetic door and let me in my block. Only thing I could think of doing after that was wave at the camera. Phew, months of waving at the security guards and exchanging small talk actually paid off! Hahaha....

Next holiday destination..



Right now, I feel like an Arioch..

Been eating too much recently. Feels like I'm bloated. Think I am getting fatter. Maybe I should start cutting down on heavy breakfast. And no snacking or supper. Haha... else, the next time u see me, I'd really look like this!

Yawn.. Morning aready?..

Simple homemade breakfast for 2.. too lazy to go anywhere in the morning..

Short story...

Ok...another feeble attempt at writing..pls click to read.... enjoy!

Why you should get more sleep..

Was reminded of this while having a conversation...

I'm getting...

Hmm.. wonder if they're any good...

Japanese Drama Serials..

Ok, so Galileo is over. It's not the end of the world. There's still Gonzo, 33 pun tantei, and tons of other genius cum crime solving experts roaming around in this world. We bought a new series.. Mr Brain.. and have been watching it during the weekend. Ya, its another genius type flick, but instead of Physics, he uses Neuroscience (something to do wif the brain). Wonder when they will have a genius engineer cum crime solver drama. Now that will be something.

Always wonder how the Japanese got their ideas from. They seem really talented at stuff like anime and mysteries. Here we are doing romance dramas and there they are churning out things like Handsome Suit and DMC. Really feel theres a spark of brilliance from their side of the world.