Cloud of delay

Today is really like one of those days when the zodiac readings tell you that ''everything you do will become delayed''. Its like some slow spell has just been casted, not on you, but on the things around you. 

Got into the car and was heading to the office via an expressway when the sign showed an accident occupying 2 out of 4 lanes. Traffic was crawling, and I decided to take the slow lane, which was surprisingly moving the fastest (at least it was moving). 25 mins later, and after moving like only 2-3 cars away, I decided to detour and take a separate route. Left that expressway, went to the next one and again I was stuck. 45 mins later, I got out of the jam, and reached the office. The office carpark was suddenly full. I drive to work everyday, and this is the first time I had that ''full'' sign pointed at me. So I detoured and parked at the public carpark, left the car and walked to the office gate. Security guard stopped me from entering and asked me to take a separate entrance. Just wondered why there were so many obstacles just entering the office. Maybe its a sign. Hardly had time to do any work, as we had a briefing by our director and some discussion in the morning, right up to noon. Pass lunch and after numerous colleagues asking for assistance, finally had some time to finish up a part of the work. Then left for home in the car. When I headed to the carpark, I then realised my car was still at the public carpark and not the office carpark. Again detour, and then finally got to the car. Made a wrong left turn out of the exit, instead of taking a shortcut by re-entering the office carpark, and I got stuck another 20 mins doing a big round to go back to the expressway. Dammit. Must be some evil witch or evil omen delaying me from everything today.