Wohoo!! Watching John Carter tonight!

New glasses

Just got these glasses to replace the old one... nice?

Time of the year...

Same time every year... some people happier than others, most complaining, half promises all over the place, and disillusion and dissatisfaction looming everywhere. It's times like this when management skills come to the test. While most people want to hear things they want to hear, I sincerely believe in straightforward outright honesty, letting people know what went wrong, what they want and how we can make things happen. We all try our best in our work, and i sincerely believe that, minus the few clowns, monsters and leeches, a majority of people do their own work and strive hard to meet milestones. The sad part is always when we, in the middle, do all we can to cater for the people under us, but those above us don't seem to bother what happens to us. It gets to the point that motivation in work is no longer something anyone has. And when everyone gets disillusioned and downed, higher ups look down and wonder what went wrong.
It's not rocket science, even a 3 year old can decipher who carried him more and spent more time changing his diapers. The key rule is to understand people's sentiments and practice empathy in knowing what are the concerns that people have. Knowing what people have in their past experience and have contributed throughout the year is fundamental, giving credit for work done to those that did the work (not those who steal work to report) and acknowledging their efforts is crucial, setting targets and telling people what they can do to achieve their aspirations is important. Rewarding people for their hard work and sweat and toil, instead of what they wear and how they look, and how much the superior loves their cute looks, is critical.
I guess in working life, fairness and objective assessment is not possible. The unrewarding gets rewarded most of the time, and those that tweak the bosses interest with their looks often get away with hell. Well, just this once, there was some fairness in those that were rewarded, but not enough to make people feel that enough has been done.

The family is growing!!

Think I'm gonna need another pad..


Why do I feel like I need another holiday???

Asura's Wrath

Mixture between myth and technology... and a storyline to *** for.. heh.. nice nice.. and I'm not even gonna mention graphics... hehe

Battery from tyre..

No it's not an advert, and it's not a pun for bugdy either. Was at Rail Mall after lunch, starting my car engine, when the car just refused to start!! That's the second time in a row I got stuck at a slope!! Started calling a few auto shops profusely, when I finally got this one shop that was supposed to be at Serangoon, but they told us they would be there by half an hour. We waited a while and this young guy in a small van comes by. He parked his van beside my car, took a look at my battery, and told me it was already damaged. And I just got the battery changed a year ago! He placed the new battery on the old one and told me to start the engine. It's a wonder.. it started. And from then on, we spoke for about 2 minutes, and it was done!! Ok... I'm going to keep this guys number for any emergency. Goes to show that every field has its scholars.

End day notes of a sleepy bird..

My eyes are falling shut, and it's 3am in the morning. Realise that I can only sleep for 5 hours at one go, and have to wake up in between. Don't know if its a sleeping disorder, or if it has something to do with age. Oh well, I guess I'd type something before calling it a day the second time.
10 recent or coming happenings: 1) The cable broke down, and had to get Starhub down to get it fixed, 2) My sister gave birth and we visited her and my new niece Sierra at the hospital, 3) bringing my team out for lunch tomorrow, 4) Was told of my transfer to a next door team by Apr 1, handover in progress, new office in June (I guess) 5) Presentation to housing board on Friday afternoon, 3 presentations and 1 report due next Monday 6) 'Avatar fighting' with buddies most of my spare time, 7) PE Exam coming in May, application done, 8) Car with engine problem still not sent for 50,000 servicing (arrghh reminded me... need to call autoshop) and the car needs cleaning badly 9) Still looking for job offers.. (never ending lifelong task) Offers anyone??10) Got a new one piece T shirt!! (Naruto not on sale in Uniclo...)...
Hmm thats about all I can think of for the moment. Pretty much boring huh.. heh... think I am in need of some positive happenings in life.. ;)