Nagging Pain..

Having this sharp pain on the left side of the shoulder. Wonder what it is, perhaps I slept on the wrong side of the bed, or some tendon tore while I was doing something routine.
Ironically, the nagging pain seems to keep me alert. As if reminding me not to day dream and wake up. It's like a constant reminder (like every few seconds) that I should be doing something instead of just wasting my time away.
Now where did my deep heat go?


This is even better... haha... Yui..

The world is getting smaller??

Was browsing around youtube for songs... when I came across this foreigner singing ai otsuka's kingyo hanabi. It's quite amusing though, that it should've been maybe a norah jones or mariah song but kingyo hanabi??? hmm..


Another one of those long weekends, where I'm supposed to be at a temple praying or something, but ended up staring deeply at the screen, hoping that naruto, bleach or fma would just hurry up and fill the web on, when i hit the refresh button. But nooo... there will be nooo updates this long weekend, so I ended up oggling down a dose of bakemonogatari, something about some weightless freak and a humanised vampire. As if looking at a bulimic chiq was not enough, I had to send zhao yun to conquer orochi's empire 3 times in a row, getting da qiao, su chi and ma chao in the process. Satisfying my conquering tendencies, I then reoggle at the facebook screen, hoping some new mechanic will appear, instead of the constant breed of impossible monstrosities, alphas or angels, all which require days and days of clicking, and which reward you with a virtual item which u will scream in victory but forget seconds later. Well, at least keroro is on animax, and the aircond is keeping me dormant. Think I should really go get a book. Yawn.


Lost 6 kg in 2 weeks!! I'm thin as a stick now. Thanks to the virus. No nid vigorous exercise, just subscribe to zombification 101 and puff, u're thin!


Probably no one wants to know this, but I'm thick... so I'm gonna post this anyway.. haha. Think the antibiotics are working. Slowly recovering and getting better. Hope to be up and ready for whatever life throws at me again real soon. Think I have a lot of things to do and worry about. PE exams, work, plans... going to be really busy soon I think. Wish me luck, if u can spare some, and hope that I'll be back to irritate everyone and make everyone awake. :P


Seriously wonder if its possible to recover... it's 3.37 in the morning, and I am still wide awake. Taken drowsy medicine, but doesn't help one bit. Just makes me feel like I am a walking zombie. Haven't been sick like this for ages. Perhaps its all the years of abuse of the body and the pent up frustrations that are getting the better of me.

Sleeping disorder..

Wow.. think this is the worse bout of insomnia I've had. Bought some Actified drowsy cough mixture. Helps a little, but soon as the effects wear off, I am awake again. Hope this is temporary. Otherwise, the next time u see me, u might think I am some creature from Resident Evil or REC.

Shrek 4..

Haha... he's fat le..


4 birds were flying towards heaven.

The first bird who got there, didn't know what heaven was. He stopped by, looked around, then thought that heaven shouldn’t have so many columns higher than he could fly. He took flight and flew away.

The second bird, went to heaven’s borders, and floated close by, and then decided to fly away to another heaven.

The third bird being dragged by a ball and chain, reached heaven, and thought that it was the best place on earth. However, he stayed but was dragged down and out of heaven, by a gust of wind brought in by the fourth bird.

The fourth bird, flew in to take over the spot in heaven left by the 3rd bird, sat comfortably and thought, “Is this really heaven?”

There are so many different ways to perceive things. If the first bird knew he was in heaven, he wouldn’t bother about the columns. If the second bird realised he was in heaven, there was no need at all for him to find another heaven. If the third bird had no ball and chain, it would be free to stay, and would have prevented being blown out by the wind. The fourth bird, is not confident that he is in heaven.

Moral of the story: Believe in what u think is heaven, remove obstacles and be confident that what you are in is really really heaven.


It's difficult not to believe in karma. Sometimes, you do something, and it impacts you directly. It's not about getting it in your next life, or being something else in another cycle, but more of receiving what you do as a repercussion of your actions.
I think society has to shoulder some blame, as to how things are and how we were being brought up. Environment is another. But, most importantly, is how we perceive the things in our life, of their importance and weightage and how much we value them.
Perhaps, doing more charity and good deeds will help us improve on our karma, and make life a little bit easier for us to go through everyday.

Simple Lunch

Going to have black pepper chicken steak sandwich for lunch... yumm..

Good things that happened to me today..

- Bought Apollo Twin Pandan cake... yumm
- Had only 2 arrows in the morning...yaay
- Nobody noticed my ear splitting coughs during the meeting
- The char siu and siu yoke fan I ta pao'ed tasted good
- I didn't forget that my supply of coffee powder was down, and I got it in time before I ran out of the last pack
- The toilet cubicle wasn't occupied when I needed it.. phew
- I didn't miss the exit while driving to the office and didn't need to make a detour this morning
- More people commented that I worked hard today
- I only received one (1) insurance advertisement call on my mobile today!!.. just one!!

See...there is so much things u can be thankful for!!..

So nice to sleep... hee...zzzz

Feel so much better after sleeping a little. Think the body has its way of telling itself that it needs rest. Hope things go smoothly that I can relax while getting enough rest the coming week. But shucks, tomorrow still got class.

Ping Guan - Teng Ni De Zhe Ren


It's like I haven't slept well in months... finally spent an entire day sleeping..

Maybe having flu is not such a bad thing...