New toy

Hehe... My new toy!! Keep alerting me when got message or notification from game, can change to batman watchface when I feel macho or hello kitty watchface when trying to act cute. Can play Eric chou song on watch and also Goblin soundtrack 'beautiful life'. Also during meeting can suddenly alert "I cannot understand your command. Please repeat your order". But still dem fun!! Huhuhuhu...

Pain pain

Went to a dentist, and had to do a root canal... My second one!!! Dem I'm getting old. Soon I will be Bo Geh. During the root canal ok, but after the anaesthetic worn off, fuwahhh dem kau pain!! At night also cannot sleep. Lucky got clover leaf oil.. Painful also, but numbs the area for about 10mins each application. Lasted like that for 2 days before it stabilized. Dem tooth. Aughhh.