Down with flu..

Fishball 'lou shue fun' (mee tai mak) with soup for the person sick at home.

Nurarihyon no Mago Hyakki Ryouran Taisen

Coming out in 2012!!

Christmas presents!!

Got so many nice presents at home!!

And still got those in the office haven open!!

It's be good if I wasn't running a flu though. Merry Christmas!!

When short forms aren't rite...

No we did not order any shit tofu.. serious.. 

Carolling kids!!

And more christmas gifts!! A fortune cat, a booklet, a bendable magnet, and a cup!! Wahaha. So many presents!!


Can't believe it!! I have two gifts before Christmas, both are from different people and both are exactly the same thing!! Wonder why everyone thinks I need one. Maybe my current position really sucks. Or there are a lot of small people around me. Haha.

On a lighter note, a security aunty at the office guardpost who never spoke to me much walked towards us when we were standing at the corridor. Half expecting her to tell us to move aside and not block the corridor, she came over and asked me if I could help her buy breakfast!! To think that we never exchanged words before, I think I really got the "Me! me! Use me!" word written on my forehead. But ok la, helping people is a good thing. And the guards at the office (minus the two that always frown one) are quite nice.  

Bought 30 small gifts for friends in the office, and you wont believe it... 30 also not enough!! And I only gave to those people that are closer to me or who work with me. At least I covered my closer friends. :)

And the proverbial christmas tree is up in our house!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

OMG there's a cat in my back seat!!

There's a Happy to be exact... and he's a dragon, not a cat...;)

It's real!!

So it's true, rurouni kenshin (the movie) is coming out in 2012!!


Nothing like a half day off to make you feel better. :)

Haypi came out with another prog for iphone... Haypi Dragon!! Got me looking at the phone for almost an hour plus. Ok minus the fact that this species is also my zodiac, the game is like anrgy birds but with better control and better graphics. But too bad, it's not on android.

Mood of the day...


Just one of those days when things just don't go your way...

Listening to...

1."Santa U Are The One"  Super Junior
2."Sleigh Ride"  TVXQ
3."Last Christmas"  SHINee
4."Diamond"  Girls' Generation
5."1,2,3"  f(x)
6."Distance"  BoA
7."For The First Time"  Kangta
8."Like A Dream’"  TRAX
9."The First Noel"  Zhang Liyin
10."Amazing"  CSJH - Dana and Sunday
11."Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)"  J-Min


1.Just The Way You Are
3.Love the Way You Lie (Part 2)
4.Thinking of You
6.Something Bout' Love
7.U Smile
8.Teenage Dream
9.Say It Again
11.Beautiful Monster
12.Please Don't Go
13.DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again
14.Lonely Night
15.Don't Go
16.Perfectly Lonely


Don't flame me if the links don't work. Song 7 and 10 in album 1 and Song 1 and 4 of album 2 is cool, if you ask me. :) Have a Merry Christmas!!  :)

Work and work again...

Busy times again... have so much to do. Twisted my hand when we were climbing scaffolding, so cannot play basketball this week. Sob. Stayed in the office, and was the last one to leave for the past few days... just so many things to do, that I have hardly any time before the end of the day comes.

But its nice to get home and have a good rest after each day... watch tv or the anime I want, just sit around and laze a bit, or go get a cup of warm latte with ginger biscuits before calling it a day.


Just saw Gisaeng Ghost, a korean horror movie. Tonight cannot sleep liao. Eeee...

In KS foodcourt...

Bryan Wong spotted!

Monster training..


The longest mana mana song....

Camilla and the chickens - forget you..

Can't believe it, I actually went to see the Muppets movie!!

You must see this!!!

Try this try this... click the characters after u get in the page... and then click things behind them!! I clicked every one of them!!! Hahahaha..

Turtle in the shell...

Stuck out my head again today... I realise I cannot stay quiet when I see something wrong. And I realise I cannot stand it when people who makes the things that are right turn wrong and just sit quiet and wait for others to clean their shit, even if it means pissing the top guys. Sigh. I wonder why such people exist and why the have all the luck. Maybe they did a lot of good things in their last life or maybe they will receive their retribution in the next life. That's the only explanation I can think of.

Scary... dun read if u got weak heart...

After our basketball session, we were all seated beside the court taking a break when Go-Liap told us about the story at marina kbox. Freaked us all out, as some of us do frequent kbox, but not the one he mentioned.
Managed to find the forum post here under the post by aviador.
Just before we all went back, a few of them decided to go to the opposite foodcourt for dinner/supper. I had dinner at home, and was giving a fren a lift to the MRT. So, we bid everyone farewell, and without thinking I mentioned that the 4 of them were going for supper. Then, everyone just got stunted and asked, "where got 4???" And they started counting again to make sure there was only 3 of them going for supper. Wahahaha!
Good thing I only sing k in the morning or afternoon. Hope I can sleep tonight. Hee.


My god... I've used that before!! "I dunno England"!! At some International event... wahahaha

Phuket - Naka Island..

Sometimes, trips are about balancing between sightseeing, shopping and just lazing around absorbing the sun rays and the sea breeze. Sometimes, you can't get all 3 elements in one trip. So, the best bet is to split them into parts, and enjoy each of them seperately. Look at the pictures and you'd know which one this is.

After resting for quite some time, you can really feel the resistance to wake up in the morning tomorrow and get your butt to work. Oh well, it was a good break, so I really shouldn't complain.

Don't know what better way to blog this, so I'll compare this with W Hotel which we went to not long ago.

Pros on Naka Island compared to W hotel resort at koh samui:
- The promotional price is cheaper (haha!!)
- The beach view is much better and you feel a lot closer to nature (you can see frogs in the sand, grasshoppers and chameleons on trees etc.)
- The room has a steam room!! Seldom see this included. (3-10mins max, but it's nice to just have one in the room u knoe.. )
- Layout of the room is better (TV still not in centre of the bed, but overall still better)
- More tranquil and peaceful (you enter a room of jazz music rather than pop)

Pros on W hotel vs Naka Island
- Coffee maker with free capsules!! (Ok I am biased, cos I am a coffee addict..)
- Better food. W hotel brags that they will make u anything u order, but i diden try ordering penang fried kuey tiao cos i diden want to be the one to ruin their reputation.
- Free flow of ice cream and drinks (Goddammit, the fridge with goodies is just outside the room!! And they replenish it constantly)
- Less mosquitoes

Ok I better not continue... only thing left to say is that W hotel is more lavish but Naka does give a better feel. Yawn, no more brain cells to blog, and I have to go out to spinelli's for coffee now. Heh.. Good nite!!

Colours of the cloud...

Sunset making the clouds show amazing colours..

My photography skills doesn't give the real experience justice.. but just wanna share the idea of what it looks like...