Impecable Timing.. get sick on a weekend.

Oh well, it's good to catch up with some bed rest.

Another lesson in life...

Sometimes, I feel blessed that everywhere I go, I'm always with people who care about my well being and how I am doing. It's not everyday that you meet kind people, much less people who share your pains and difficulties. Sometimes I feel lucky, that no matter what diverse conditions I face in life, be it with difficult times, difficult places or difficult people, there is always a group of people around me that care. To me, it really does matter. And though it might not seem that I am doing a lot in return for you, just want you all to know that you are not forgotten and you have my sincere thanks. No guessing who, but you'd probably know if I am referring to you.
And yes I do get emo at night especially after 12. Yawn, no jokes or curses pls. Haha. Gooood nite!

Nice song

Bleach Live!

Play on Bleach... Ichigo and gang sings, Sado is slim, Ishida is missing... but its fun...


Think I should buy toto today. Strike toto also not so chun.

I was entering the lift. I turned over to press the 5th floor button, and my access card slips off from my hand. It drops vertically into the small gap at the lift entrance and goes below where I doubt anyone fall short of the lift maintenance guy would be able to access. How it went through, who knows.

Lesson learnt: Don't hold on to anything that fits into a small gap when you're entering a lift.

Kampong Trail...

Diden realise there was a kampong trail near my place. Walk about 10+km and u can get to McRitchie reservoir. Half way thru the walk, there was an old couple standing there waiting for something. We looked on and realised there were durian husks all over the floor. Seems like there were lots of durian trees everywhere. Then walk on to the center and there was this Durian Loop... even more durians, and mangos, and rambutans! Seems like tons of people come here to collect durians in plastic bags. Some even go there and eat direct. Hmm.. maybe one day should bring everyone go there and wait for durians to fall from the trees.


Simple tune from Ruruoni Kenshin. It's when Kenshin leaves Kaoru to find out if he should lead the life of Battousai the Slasher...or remain at Kamiya Dojo as a normal person.

The title of the piece is fitting though. Should have played it for my colleagues that left. Or maybe use it in place of a resignation letter next time. Haha.

Being Happy...

Got it! Read this like so many times, but still got it and read it again. Somehow, reading this makes me happy. Maybe its the title...

Sorry wrong number..

Got the funniest call ever. This small kid called my number, paused for 5 seconds, then asked me "Excuse me, r u my dance and music teacher?" hahahaha. I tot it was my nieces or nephew's prank call, but turned up to really be a misdirected call.

Brilliant Genius

This guy leaves a note on my laptop telling me not to connect to the network. I call to enquire and they say that there is 'suspicious activity' on my com the past week. Considering that I was on leave for 2 weeks, I guessed it must be a virus programme or something.

The guy I called told me to run a virus scan using McAfee. I did just that, and there were no virus found. So I give the guy a call again, and he asks for a print log. I connected back to the network and sent him the log by email and he says that everything is ok except that an engineer might come over to take a look, just in case.

So, this engineer turns up and before anything happens, pulls out the network cable and starts telling me that I am the virus infecting the whole company. No, thats not a typo. He said I was the virus. A colleague heard it and laughed all the way telling me that I might be the infectant.

So, this guy sits down, connects his HDD to my laptop and starts to install AVG antivirus into my laptop! So, I guess it means that McAfee is not as good as AVG? (He was using the free version by the way). So he runs the virus scan again, and again it indicated no virus found. Tried to be helpful by telling him to use Spybot or some other programme to check on spyware, but he insisted that AVG had everything covered.

Took him another hour to do print screens of the anti virus scan results, before he finally told me that there was nothing wrong with my pc and there was no activity whatsoever for the past 2 weeks (which I am well aware of.. I was on hols!).

Guess it'd be much more painless if the guy just told me to run AVG and send him the printscreen results, instead of hogging my com for a few hours.