Fine lines...

I don't know how to start this thread... Just know that I am the worst buddy ever and I cannot do anything at all.....

Point to ponder

Quote... Many people come in and out of our life..but only few members will leave their footsteps in our heart... Unquote.

Be a little more considerate...

Recent bouts of terrorist sightings have caused most of us to ponder, whether its the people who let him off that are at fault, or the motorists that are at fault. Nowadays, u see road blocks all over the place. For car owners, its not too bad, as we can manouver our way past the torrid traffic. But I really do feel for the lorry and truck drivers, who have to queue like hours before they can cross the border.
It's not like traffic is moving or anything, its more like a standstill where tons of heavy vehicles queue on the slow lane. One time, it was so bad, the queue went almost all the way to the junction of woodlands road and upper bukit timah road.
Seriously, stepping up on security to nab a terrorist is critical, but while you're doing that, think of how it will affect others and how u could do something about it. Go set up additional booths at the checkpoint. Get more lanes ready at the immigration. Get more staff to help out. Don't get guys standing around all along woodlands road and stopping heavy vehicles for nothing.

Hand signs...

A lorry, driving beside me, was trying to overtake to my lane. Being a little too close, he wind down his screen, took out his hand, and gave the hand signal (Position 1).... Seeing his signal, I slowed down to let him cut. And he slowly inched his way in. After cutting in, he pulls his hand in and put it out again slowly in a circular motion. His hand ended in position 2, followed by a small waving motion, which meant 'Thank you' I guess. Then he retracted his hand a bit, and took it out again, this time pointing his second finger to the place he is turning to. Wonder what he did that for, and I am sure it was not the third finger. Maybe this guy was just so courteous, that he wanted me to know where he was going. If I stayed longer behind him, I might be able to see more hand signals. But too bad...I had to turn out too.

Writing 101

Here's an example of insomnia induced writing ..... if u like crappy stories, u probably wont mind this.... enjoy! (Don't blame me if it sucks though...hahaha)

Hmmm.. whats in stall for today..

Today's forecast is:

"More than ever today, it is important for you to remember that you are not in charge of anyone else's happiness -- you are only in charge of your own. Everyone else must find their own way to fulfillment and joy, so do not fall for any guilt that might get tossed your way. And if other people are holding you responsible for their unhappiness, they are not being fair. It might sound harsh, but you have to put your own real needs ahead of their perceived needs today."
Meaning: Be selfish and stop helping people do their stuff??!?

And tomorrow:

"Your ambitions have taken you far in your life, but in going so far have you left someone behind? Reach out to the areas of your life you have been neglecting and realign your goals. Focus on people and on building relationships -- not your resume. Take a day or two off from heavy-duty thinking and put your family and friends first. Today, send out some emails to the masses of people who would love to hear what's up in your life. Catch up with what's going on with them."
Meaning: Time to call mum, dad and sis'... again!!

Sometimes I wonder where people get these astrology stuff...

千年伯爵, Sennen Hakushaku - The Millenium Earl


An elusive bottle cap

Bought a bottle of IBC Rootbeer. Haven't tried one before, but the bottle looked like one of those old soft drinks that required a bottle opener. When I bought it, I thought "hehe.. no bottle is going to stop me, I know exactly how to open one without a bottle opener".

When I got home, I took out the bottle, placed it at the door, shut the door with the bottle cap squashed between the door and started to pull it open. It didn't budge. So I repositioned it and tried again. Again it didn't open. I thought, maybe it needs a little loosening. So I got out my pen knife and tried to loosen the cap a little. After that I tried the door method once more, and again it didn't work. Maybe the cap is a little too rusty.

Giving up, I placed the bottle on the table.....
and then realised, on the bottle cap, was the words 'twist to open'...


Went to this new small pastry shop at Jalan Jurong Kechil. Was going to have Malay food, but as we got there, the only shop open was the pastry shop. The pastry they had looked pretty good, and the place is quite cozy, but the temper of the lady at the counter was really amazing. We picked our pastry and I bought it to the counter.

As I walked over, the lady looked at me and said "Wait! Cup broke!", pointing at another counter staff wrapping a broken glass. I waited a while and she asked, "What u wan!", and I placed my order for some drinks to go with the pastry. She looked at me and said, "Got drink, but no glass!". And I couldn't help hiding a smirk. Then as I walked back to the table, she said "Eh, pay first!". Sounds pretty normal for a counter staff, right?

I went back to the table, and a lady with her two dogs who sat beside me looked over and asked, "did u order coffee with milk?" I smiled and replied "no". She looked back at me and said "I ordered without milk le, I was hoping this was yours". You could see the fear in her eyes to confront the lady at the counter. The counter lady came over again with more food for the lady, and staying 3 feet away from the lady's table she said "Eh, help me! Take the food! I'm allergic to animals!". The lady sheepishly stood up and took the tray. As she sat back down, the counter lady made a gesture hand to another staff, bending her second finger while pointing at the lady (I suppose it either means 'you're dead' or 'my second finger needs exercise').

Another guy was stocking up the place with goods. As he trollied stuff to the back, he touches a couple of chairs. She walks out, arranges the chairs, and shouts "You so thin, still can hit things ah!".

Oh well, I guess its the last time we're going there. It really wasn't that much of a big deal, and I really wasn't affected much. It just amazes me that there are such people with such a temper. Does a lot of damage to the reputation of the service industry here. Hope its just that she's having a bad day today, otherwise it'd really hurt their business. Heh...

Insomnia...age or circumstances?

Can't sleep again... wonder if insomnia is due to ageing or anxiety? Am I having too much to think of, or is it what everyone in their 30s usually get? Hmmm... really dunno..

Earthquake in China, Cyclone in Myanmar

Got a call from my mum yesterday night, reminding me to donate for the earthquake in China. Saw a website having links to different red cross websites for relief donations. One thing they did mention was that some think that Myanmar is in greater need of relief aid compared to China, as China is accepting international aid willingly, while Myanmese still have to wait for their military to accept such aid.

I guess we all have to do our part, however small, or however minute.


Went light hunting today...Yep at Balestier.. seems like all the better light shops are over there..

It was soooo hot, that we had to stop twice for drinks. Ended up getting 3 sets of lights. And someone who will help us look at how many downlights we will need.

Still left with the dining lights. Downlights with single tubes cost roughly about $20-$35 plus $8 for installation (+$25 for transport or $35 including installation for 1st bulb) and $10-$13 for wire looping. We might need about 20 at least, added with the feature lights, should come up to about $2k I guess... not too cheap, not too expensive either.
These ones are pretty unique, though I really can't think of a place to put them.


I'm not particularly superstitious, but it was Wesak Day (at least in HK and Japan) and I was at a temple. So I got myself a bundle of 'chian' or 'fortune sticks' and started shaking the tube while praying for direction.

Don't think I should put the interpretation here, as it might notcome true if everyone knows it, but here's the untranslated version:

a) GOOD: All elements are in harmony. Season is good. The very core of all things. The consent and favor of the rulers.
b) MEDIUM: To encounter a Benefactor is similar to a withered tree blossoming again.

Wonder if I should follow what it says, or find my own path.

Coffee money...

Guess where these came from???

Was walking back to the office, when I saw these!! Can guess which show the first 2 are from? Haha.... if you can, you're probably in your 30s!!

3rd one no need to guess. From Dragonball Z.

Planter Decking...

Saw the samples for the decking....

This is what its gonna look like...

Contractor will be coming in next sat to get this done...

Bo Liao Top 10

10: Raising wiper of friends car
9: Pasting funny face on friends's husband's photo
8: Finding addresses on blogspot of friends names who have not registered a web address. Then, ask another friend to set up a blog using that address.
7: Setting up a blog using address from item 8.
6: Going down to buy tea, after drinking friends tea and feeling guilty.
5: Reading friend of same gender's blog... for 2 hours!!
4: Sending "I'm bored" messages from overseas.
3: Make friends with psychopathic security guard.
2: Pulling and releasing friends earphone.

And at no 1!!!
Taking photo of baby from own phone using friends phone during serious meeting, then taking the boss photo... twice! using the same phone.

Oh my god!! They still sell these!

Remembered having one when I was 12... This shop is still selling them, but they're now really really expensive!!


Bored? Play scramble lor.. haha..

Bz bz bz bz bz...

Gotta compare ID quotes, look at Starhub cable tv package, wash clothes (not enuff underwear to wear aredy), pack up the room (ya its filthy!), look at Recruit, watch DGrayMan... all to be done tonight... (blue = done)

Tomorrow... have to start writing da big boss speech, call credit card company for waiver, call mum for mother's day! (dunno if the card reached her in time), watch DGrayMan, and maybe consider bringing the car for servicing (err.. lazy le.. maybe next week..haha)...

Dem bz le...

Waa solid..

Diden know there was a official website!


Yeaaah!! My other half is coming back to sg today! Fetching wife from airport later!! Haha... we'll be having a biiigggg meal!!!

Have to reschedule the time with the Merbau Wood salesman though. Supposed to look at the material and do measurements for the planter box... The fella never reply... dunno hide where... haiz..

End of the week...

Yaay.. its a Friday! Can't really remember when's the last time we went for karaoke. Last time should be August last yr?! If you guessed that we went to Brewerks, you got it right! Ding Ding! And if u guessed that I siam all the alcohol...... you got it right again! Hehehehe!
Once they were happy with their fill of Golden Ale and Indian Pale Ale, we made our way to have ramen at Central. The stupid Japanese restaurants in Central are always packed full and always have a long queue. Ended up having kfc at People's Park Complex instead.

Shawtie had a K-ster card, so we went to K-ster instead of Kbox. They had this 4 hour package thing, and I guess no one was ready to reenact the 7 hour marathon we had. As usual, Jay sang lots of Jay Chou songs... Shawtie, aka Andy, sang different versions of "wang ching suey" multiple times. Wonder what fixation he has over that song. I couldn't sing much, cos I left my pinyin bible at home. Finished most of the songs we could think of singing. Ended at like 1am?? I guess everyone was dead tired.

By the time I got home, it was already 2+... and I had to fend off Mojo's barking. Took me like 56 seconds to open the gate, run in, open the main door, take one hand and pat his head.. to off the barking alarm.

Phew! Count my blessings that tomorrow is a weekend.

Beer and Chicken...

Just had Fruitbrews at Brewerks and Long John Silver 2+1 Chicken Meal for dinner...

Now still feeling a bit nauseaus from the 1/2 cup of beer. Hahahahaha....

Note from an old buddy

Just got an email from an ex-colleague and friend who went to US. Might be a little short, but it does feel good to know that you're not forgotten....

Tired and absentminded...

Came back from lunch..... Walked to the side entrance..... Took out my pass..... Pressed it against the intercom..... then realised that the door doesn't open that way...

Better go home and rest early..

Words commonly used in anime...

Interesting... though I doubt piecing two words together would make much sense..

Ai - Love
Aishiteru - I love you
Akai - Red
Ame - Rain
Ashita - Tomorrow
Atashi - You

Baka - Stupid, Idiot
Bishoujo - Pretty Girl
Bishounen - Pretty Boy
Boken - Wooden Sword

Chibi - Mini, Tiny
Chikara - Strength, Energy
Chiisai - Small, Little
Chotto - Wait

Dame - Stop, No
Dare - Who
Demo - But
Doko - Where
Doushite - Why
Dozo - Thanks

Eien - Eternal, Eternity, Forever
Etowa Ru - Star

Fukai - Deep
Fushigi - Mystery

Hai - Yes, Ok
Haru - Spring
Hi - Day
Hikari - Light
Hime - Princess
Hoshi - Star

Ichigo - Strawberry (???)
Iie - No
Ikari - Anger
Inu - Dog
Isshoni - Together

Ja ne - Later, See Ya
Jidai - Era
Jou - Letter

Kagayaki - Radiant, Bright
Kage - Shadow
Kaitou - Thief
Kakera - Piece
Kakkoi - Special, Cool
Kami - God
Kawaii - Cute, Adorable
Kaze - Wind
Kimochi - Feelings, Emotions
Kizu - Pain, Hurt
Kokoro - Heart
Konbanwa - Good Evening (Reminds me of the Earl of Millenium)
Kurai - Dark


Megami - Goddess
Midori - Green
Minna - Everyone
Mitsukete - Found, Discovered
Mizu - Water
Mori - Forest

Nande - Why
Nani - What
Naze - Why
Ningen - Human

Omedetou - Congratulations
Okashi - Sweets, Candy
Ongaku - Music
Ore - I
Oyasumi Nasai - Good Night



Ryuu - Dragon

Seishinseii - Sincerity
Sensei - Teacher, Mentor
Shiawase - Happiness
Shinigami - God of Death (Duh!?)
Shinjite - Believe
Shinjitsu - Truth
Shiroi - White
Subarashii - Wonderful

Taidaima - I'm home, I'm back
Tenshi - Angel
Tobira - Door
Toki - Time
Tomodachi - Friend
Tsubasa - Wings

Umi - Sea
Uta - Song
Utau - Sing


Warai - Smile, Laugh


Yasashii - Easy, Gentle
Yoake - Dawn
Yorokobi - Joyful
Yoru - Night
Yuki - Snow
Yume - Dream
Yuugi - Game, Play


How to choose an interior decorator..

Went to IMM today to find an ID. Wondering how we were going to choose one... until we got in a couple of stores...

ID1: Confident guy.. started off giving us an alternative to what we had in mind.. ended up showing us 3D sketches of his designs.. and telling us that 20% deposit will be placed once we engage him... and if not, can still pay for his design services. Asked us to go back and meet him and set an appointment on the spot. Quotation in 2 days... in person only.
ID2: Young girl... favourite quote, "I don't understand what you're saying. What do you mean?". Half of the time with a blurred expression which probably meant that she wasn't really experienced. Promised to send us a quote via email in 2 days.
ID3: Experienced aunty. Knew what we were talking about. And told us she had quite a number of jobs in hand. Quote by e-mail in 2 weeks... yes 14 days!
ID4: Experienced girl. Can tell us what the height of the unit is, what can be done with the unit and that she has customers in the same condo. Gave us an alternative to go direct to a website and purchase something, when she could have easily gotten a cut out of it. Quotation in 1 day! Yes 24 hrs!!

So it was pretty much a hands-down competition. That is, unless the quotes come back and someone prices ridicilously low or high.

Exerpt from Train Man

( ◦д◦) jaw hanging open
(( ;◦д◦)) slightly afraid
(((( ;◦д◦))) got the shakes
(((((((( ;◦д◦))))))) major shakes and shakes and break and shakes

Runs in the family..(abridged)

Sent an sms to my sis for the name and contact for her ID (interior decorator). She smsed me and asked me what it was for, so I replied that the house was ready and I needed an ID. Didn't get an immediate reply from her, so I presumed that she probably needed to go home and get that ID's contact from somewhere.

A day later, she replied via sms. "7**********"... and I guess she probably accidently pressed on the HP keypad. The next day, she replied again saying "Just realised i gave u malaysian IC...ha ha... here's the sg one"... hahaha...