Haven't posted a pic of my cubicle since..two years back? This is how it looks like now. Totally messy, and haven't kicked the habit of stacking notes I don't know what to do with. Haha. Ooh, and I shifted one cubicle to the left, cos the one on the right had really bad vibes and being superstitious, location is important. :P


It's one of those days. Everyone is either out of the office or having a meeting. Not wanting to stay in the office, I scheduled an inspection and got into the ugly blue polo T.

To sum things up:
- It was raining.
- There was no car park when I reached.
- The lot that the guard found for me was the only width from one side of the side mirror to the other, I had to squeeze the car in, and after folding the mirrors, climb out from the back of the car.
- Inspection sucked. Dunno what to see or ask for, as it was some new thing we were doing.
- Finish inspection, have to climb back into the front of the car, in front of 20 external guys who joined me for the inspection.
- Went back to the office, and had to walk out 1km to buy stuff and back
- Walked back and waited one hour for a colleague to come out from a meeting and have lunch.
- The colleague let go my aeroplane!!! to eat with two bosses :(
- My boss come over, and the only thing he can think of asking me is "how much is the carpark rebate for office ah, $4? or $3?"
- The predators surround me to ask me how to do their work. Another colleague laughs at me for being surrounded and said something...dunno is I look like god or dog.
- God mother bluff me she sign 3 million condo under me le, just to make me tell them how to send letter.
- Close fren told me I am not fren, but "some pple".
- Nice Baal come late because he return overall, and bluff me the FruitBrews in Brewerks is kopi.
- I never go Sheng Siong in the afternoon, cos colleague let aeroplane. And office got no more 3 in 1 kopi, my only source of happiness left.

The only positive thing that happen, is the waiter paid for our jug of beer. (ya free beer) Maybe because he know it is not kopi.

Sigh, another day in my boring life..

It's here! It's here!

The stupid letter telling me I have to start studying... @%#^%^$#

Sleep is 5 words ...

Remember once when we were attached to a French company, and a buddy and me had to like sit in briefing after briefing by the boss and the rest of the engineers. One time, I slept really late, after a late night outing. Half way through a briefing, my eyes just closed shut, and I fell asleep. It took a huge nudge on the ribcage from that friend to wake me up. 
Well, haven't fallen asleep during briefings or meetings for quite some time. Last time I took a nap in the office was last week? And the best part was, it was after lunch, at about 1.30pm. I was thinking of taking a 15 minute nap. But my Director had to appear at my cubicle at 1.40pm!! Just 10 minutes after I closed my eyes!! You wont see him appearing 10 minutes after I have started work, or completed some important task. But nooo...the moment I take 10 winks, he appears. Think the management has some supernatural abilities that none of us know about. Heck they might not even be human!.. (hint: anal probe)


Early morning and we got a colleague asking where is the newbie going to sit. Got a bit shocked that the newbie had arrived, as we were expecting the 2 guys to come a few weeks later. Just before the newbie arrived, I told another colleague that he should clear the table for the newbie, and he gave me the killer look and a mutantic growl. Rawwwrrr!!

The newbie came, and to our shock, it was a lady instead of a guy. Before we even got her name, the colleague I asked earlier started packing the table for her and removing everything from that table voluntarily. We were all in shock as our boss was known to hire only males, as opposed to the other 2 bosses who hired only muscles and girls respectively.

One of my colleague asked her what she majored in. And to our shock again... she said "Pharmacology!!". What was a Pharmacist doing joining a construction branch? She said "Career change". And the rest of the colleagues said "Boss really changed surname le" (Chinese metaphor for sudden change in character due to sudden shock or anxiety)

Finally, reason took over me and I went to my com to check on the newbies list. "Ok, she is from hygiene" I blurted. And the depressed face sinks in to some of my other colleagues, or maybe just one of them. She left, we couldn't stop laughing, and that colleague started putting everything he had cleared back onto the table.

Pant pant...

Went to Bukit Gombak stadium for a jog this morning. Was thinking of doing 4 rounds around the track, but ended up doing 5. After that, diden really feel worked out... so decided to go another 2 rounds, but ended up doing 3!! All together 8 rounds around the track.

Considering that I haven been jogging for ages, this is like some kinda achievement liao..wahahaha... legs wobbly now...


Was watching avatar... then realised I got the same stupid look sometimes.. haha

Tau Tia..

Been having a huge headache since this morning... must be the rain...

So pain... think I will skip Avatar episodes for tonight....


Hit the movies quite a bit... last seen was Inception, Despicable Me and Toy Story...
Inception is really not too bad, except for the sickening ending. Despicable Me was refreshingly new, Agnes is a bawl, even though I wonder why they name such a cute thing Agnes. Toy Story was passable, the usual past time, slightly touching theme.

Waiting for Avatar The Last Airbender, since I am catching up on the anime anyway. Resident Evil, already seen the past 3, so what the heck, might as well watch it. And Sorcerors' Apprentice, thats 50/50... still haven decided if its worthy to watch. I'd probably download Ong Bak 3. But no way am I ever gonna watch Old Cow Eat Young Grass... lame excuse for a movie. Bleahh... haha

Shin Kushiya

After taking in tons of sticks of yakitori... we decided to order desert... The only thing that looked manly in the menu, other than the sesame ice cream, was the earl grey jelly. And having too much coffee already, I decided on the jelly. The waitress came, and I was told they ran out of earl grey jelly, of all things. So I had to order something immediately. Settled for grape ice cream.

I mean, grape ice cream sounds ok rite? But noooo... the waitress brings over the ice cream, and it comes in this dem guniang plate. With pink flowers and stuff. Even the ice cream is pink. To not waste money, ended up getting a world record for fastest ice cream eaten. Eugh.. pink... euuughh..

I found Hamtaro!

Look like two buns if u dun look carefully hor..


Sometimes wonder why we struggle so hard for.. earning money, striving for career, finding love, filling time.. so what if we do get everything that we want. Will we be truly happy with what we wanted? Or will what we have today, give rise to more things that we would want tomorrow? If you're content, people think u r not pushing yourself hard enough, but if u want more, people think u r greedy. How and where should we strike a balance? And what is it that would make us really happy, really reach a point where we think that we have achieved what we r supposed to, and that we have enough, and no longer need to strive harder? Are we supposed to reach for the sky, and hope that when we die, we have reached high enough to touch it? Or will we die thinking that our efforts have been in vain? That we have earned everything but gained nothing in this life? Seriously, I think very few people know.. and most of us are just pretending that we do. Just so people don't think we are strange, or we have no aspirations. If you don't know what u want, that makes two of us. And I'm glad that u r frank enough to admit it. If u do, please let me know. Cos I seriously would like to know what its like to be a person that is truly happy and contented. :)

Naruto Ending 14.. Utakata Hanabi



Simple hotdog for breakfast.... sure kana suan wan, but still post.. haha

Another one..