Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!! May everything you venture upon be a success, every event in life be a happy one and may you find wealth, health, love and happiness every step of the way. ;) Have a Great 2010!!

Lessons Learnt Today...

Lesson 1: Always put safety boots in a box. Never leave them in your car boot. After a year or so, the rubber rots. Learnt the hard way. Had to spend hours cleaning the car boot.

Lesson 2: Never go on a row with cleaning. Learn how to stop. Wanted to clean some papers in the car. Then though, "what the heck, might as well clean the boot" which gave rise to Lesson 1. And then, to compound on the error, though "ah... might as well clean the whole car", which in fact should be Lesson 3.

Lesson 3: Don't stay back even a bit after work. You might invite a lot of nice higher management people asking funny questions.

Lesson 4: If you're dead tired, take a bath and go to bed. Don't listen to your subconscious mind telling you, *whisper* "clothes haven't fold... floor dirty... wipe table... throw garbage... ".

Lesson 5: Don't blog when you're tired.

McD Happy Meal..

Got a Na'vi dire horse from a McD Happy Meal set... a bit dissapointing though...cos look like substandard retarded kiddie horse..

Just saw Avatar on 3D!!...

Nose bridge still hurting from wearing the 3D glasses after leaving cinema... heh

Merry Christmas!

Just a simple Christmas... with some roast chicken, a little sparkling grape wine... a new chair in the dining room... a christmas tree... some gifts.. and a quiet quiet night... nice..


Haha... got a psp as a christmas present!!

Already downloaded 7 wonders, valkyrie profile and dynasty warriors in it! Gonna be busy man.. haha

Salah la..

Wonder how the organisers got both names wrong... Phew..lucky mine was right

Absent Minded...

What happens when you forget your company pass?

Call a fren? Wait for someone to come out of the door?

Problem is... to enter the 5th level, u can't go thru the front door. Security will check your pass upon entry.

U can only possibly enter thru the basement carpark which is also guarded by security but is a bit more lax on security. If you manage to pass the security at the basement entrance, you still have a security encoded door to go thru to get to the lift. Assuming that u pass that too, u will take the lift up to the 5th level and be approached by another security encoded door. By passing the second door, u will be able to get into the office.

So, the entire day, I have to encounter all these obstacles just to get to my cubicle, just because I left my pass on the table at home.

First time, I waited 5 mins, before giving up and calling a fren. Having used up the 'call a fren' lifeline, the second time i went downstairs, I borrowed a fren's pass. Third time, I loitered in the basement till someone I knew drove in with a car and followed the person upstairs. Fourth time, I waited for someone to come, passed the first security door, waited 5 mins, then gave up and used the 'call another fren' lifeline. Fifth time, which was close to the end of the day, I waited in the carpark for someone to go home... but no one came out from the basement door for 10 mins! Then I went to another exit and waited another 5 mins... then decided that I was getting tired and going nowhere waiting for someone to exit the door, and used the 'call the same fren again' lifeline.

Why I was at the basement so many times? Come to work, take safety boots and helmet from car for site visit, come back from lunch, put boots and helmet back in car and left bag upstairs before going home.


Don't know why I'm so prone to trouble the past few days...

Just managed to set things right with a circular I was posting out... and now... just as I get myself out of one bowl of soup... I'm back in another one...

Wonder if it's me... or if something is wrong somewhere...

Hate to think that it's me... or it's just my luck...


Was attending some seminar today, lasts 2 days, that costs about London 450 Pounds per person. The tea break was ok, cos the fruits look nice. Cut into cylindrical slices. And got some small cakes. But when lunch came, they served us curry chicken with rice and noodles! And some vegetables la. But $450 lei. Pounds somemore. How can just serve chicken?

Then before going back, someone told me bag lai bin got organiser. But my bag and another male colleague bag dun haf (gender bias). When we went out of the conference hall, we met the girl organiser. She told us there are lots of organisers in the hall...can just take. Cos we are doing advertising for them if we use their organisers. And I was trying to be courteous by saying, "Thanks, if i see ur company on site, I will be lenient hor..." Before I finish my sentence... the two colleagues with me stopped me and dragged me away, cos it was politically incorrect for to say that. Hahaha.

Then half way, had to detour, cos I came late and forgot to take the free carpark coupon from them.

Hais...tomorrow another long day at conference. Wonder if my boss will make the same comments again.. "Why r u not in tie and suit? Why jeans and t-shirt?"

Currently watching..

Hot Blood on KBS..

Some show about a car salesperson who wans to make it big..

heh.. quite corny.. that's why I'm watching it..

They still haven't dubbed episode 10 on mysoju.. have to wait for KBS to show..arrghh..


Heh... spent 4 hrs at Kbox Clementi today...

Annual free starbucks day

Got to a short queue in time for a free drink at Starbucks on Friday. Even the Uncle from an opposite restaurant couldn't help himself.