PPE Exams Coming!!

Not much time left to mug... and I'm still not half confident of passing.. sigh...

Okok no time to squirm.. have to mug again....

Deadline's on May 11.. like countdown to Doomsday..

Busou Renkin..

From the makers of Samurai X.. Not sure if this is any good, but I'm still waiting for the remake or sequel for Rurouni Kenshin.. Maybe after exams (11 May), might spend some time watching this to see if it's any good..

Hooked on FB's Deep Realms

Think I'm spending too much time on this... and on my iphone pocket summoner... and words for friends...

Better cut down.. heh..

Running out...

We were having lunch at this restaurant. A colleague just got promoted, and was treating us a kinda 'promotion' + 'farewell' lunch. Not his farewell, but the entire department is moving out. Much to say, everyone was crappy as usual, some more reserved than others. Halfway through my third bowl, I couldn't help but think that we were somehow recycling banter, not like 'recycling' type of jokes, but really just reusing humor. Perhaps everyone is tired and no one really wants to think much at this time. It was good though, when one bro said he went to this restaurant and was asked to eat one dumpling for each year of his age, and I told le boss I was going to bring him to that restaurant. Ah well, it was a good lunch.


Why is it that I used to cover one subject per day... but now, I can't even cover one COP in a whole freaking weekend!!!??!

Cut the rope - Magic Box

Arrgghhh stuck at 7-22 and 7-24!!! Can only get 2 star!! Cannot get the third one!! &^%$^#$#$@%