Current Polls..

Current polls indicate that the number of people thinking that its ok for guys holding a girls handbag is at 50%. With the assumption that the same mix of gender visits this blog and those that click on the posts are equally gendered, that might mean that all the girls agree while all the guys disagreed. On the contrary, lets say u r a guy, and u think that its ok to carry a girls handbag... that would probably mean that some girls don't find it right to have guys hold their handbags!!

Almost 50% of voters think men should do all the housework. On the contrary, 65% of voters disagree that women should do all the housework. Seems to suggest that a higher percentage of people think that women should not be housewifes or should not take on house chores. Considering that the society is now more of equal rights, I was thinking that the polls would be 50/50 for both. And a higher agreement that women should do housework would imply that there are still some chauvanistic men around. But surprisingly, it seems to be the other way, indicating perhaps that women are starting to uphold their rights, or that more men are staying at home.

That being said, whats up there is just a stupid poll I put up out of boredom.. so dun get too attached to the results!!

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