Nodame Cantabile Final Score Part II

Just back from a wedding dinner, and am dead tired, but can't help but to finish up the second part of the movie. Two thumbs up!

Current playlist..

Bleach - 344
Naruto Shippuuden - 233
Nurahiyon no Mago Sennen Makyou - 16
Fairy Tail - 102
Fate Zero - 4
Persona 4 - 3


Nice movie. Something different for a change. Can't help but find the parts on which she first got to play in the orchestra with Chiaki, and when she smelled his clothes when he went missing just hilarious. Those of us who play the piano since young will remember the ruler on the knuckle, but not as bad as getting slapped though. But I still can't quite get the ending.

Just click on the first pic after the vid ends, there are 10 parts in total. Lazy to post all 10 here. ;)


Been a bit tired lately, juggling work, deadlines, requests. Haven't had time to sit down and really think what I want or where I should be headed. I met someone that was leaving, that told me of what transpired between the time they decided and the time they left. It really was something I didn't really consider or couldn't really envision, probably right up till now. But different perspectives are always welcome. For me, its not about the work, or the boss, or the peers. It's all about the level of happiness. If you're in a place that you feel happy being in, nothing else matters much actually. It is when you're unhappy most of the time, that you start asking what is there in it for me. Salary? Money? Rank? Less work? We all have our plights and woes. But I guess I have reached another level of unhappiness that requires me to really think about what I want, or where I want to be. It's about nobody else. It's just me.


Nowadays, we get bored to the extent that anything that piques our interest becomes what we look forward to. We saw a snippet of the k-drama Princess's Man on a weekend, and it instantly became something which we continued to chase. Notwithstanding the overused plot of tyranny of the king - killing everyone in his path that threatens his throne, the urge u have to hit the judge right across the face everytime he betrays his friends, the though at the back of your mind, on how useless the hero is and why he can fight so well, yet does not kill off all his enemies one by one but hides behind other army troops that have sworn to be his cannon fodder, and the ever irritating heroine who brags that she will stop her father, but does nothing everytime except increase problems and becomes a burden, this show is actually quite nice.

Study finds people with moles may age better


It turns out that Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford's moles may be worth more than their aesthetic value alone: a study presented in November shows that people with moles age slower and can appear up to seven years younger than their peers.

A study conducted by researchers at Kings College London that was first published in the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Journal was presented last month to a group of doctors and scientists at the UK's Royal Society of Medicine Conference.

Scientists found that an abundance of beauty marks is correlated with stronger bones, firmer muscles, a healthier heart and eyes, fewer wrinkles, and even a nearly 50 percent reduction in the risk of osteoporosis. Scientists say the link stems from the fact that people with moles have longer telomeres -- the region of DNA found at the end of every chromosome that serves as a plastic cap to keep chromosomes from unraveling and mutating.

As humans age, their telomeres naturally shrink. Shortened telomeres are responsible for causing all types of conditions associated with aging including wrinkles, hair thinning, arthritis, weight gain and loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, vision and hearing loss.

But in spite of these results, preserving your telomere length has to do with more than just possessing beauty marks. Other factors such as a poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity and psychological stress can also cause your telomeres to shorten faster than natural cell division alone. Meanwhile, exercising has been linked to longer telomeres.

U r no??

Can't believe I got pulled to watch this. Ended up with only 3 groups of people in the whole cinema. Everyone else was in the next room watching The Thing... and there I was, in the other room watching "What's your number". Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against watching romantic comedies once in a while, but the concept of this movie alone, was a bit too sexist even for me. In the end, it wasn't too bad, but the only 2 memorable scenes I could remember was shockingly the part when the black president wannabe said that he was "not just gay", he was "very gay" (with the hand gestures all over), and the ending when she said "no 20" and he said "300 and..."


Aarrggghh... 2012!! Why so long??!?

Nice guitar...

Maple Story

Spending a bit too much time on Maple Story.. That's what my ex-landlords kid used to play!

Persona 4 - Anime

Dig the beginning. It's the velvet room, much like every Persona game has. The old man with the long nose & tarot cards and the synthetic lady.

Episode 1


It was such a long week that Saturday was such a relief. We were expecting our new TV on a Saturday morning, a Samsung SMART TV that could connect to the internet.

It really isn't anything spectacular, we just needed a replacement for the old TV. But I was quite pleased that we could see youtube clips directly from the internet without needing to connect the TV to a PC. Plus I could plug my thumbdrive with a movie file to the TV without needing to put a cable and connect a speaker to the laptop to play a downloaded movie! Ok, I am probably low tech, and you guys probably have such TVs like that years ago, but it's all good.

Managed to call the aircond service man in the morning too, and guess what, he was available in the same morning because he was repairing someone elses aircond in another unit of my condo! It was like killing 2 birds with one morning. Only thing that bummed me was his marketing strategy. Servicing 5 fancoils with condensor costs $105. He told me 3 units needed chemical and plus 2 condensor servicing added with gas-ing and some other costs worked up to a one time cost of $810!! Lucky for me, if I opted for an annual package, it would've costed me $820 for a 3 monthly servicing package. Just $10 more than this one time servicing. &^%#@*&^$ Bloody thief. I kept my composure, and told him we would try our luck and just do with the normal servicing. Wonder if I was being too cautious or every aircond servicemen makes a living that way.

Went over to IKEA and finally got the console table. Couldn't find the magazine rack, but at least, we got one out of 2 of the targets done. Finally have a place to put the guest room TV on, and to place the PS3 and XBOX360.  

Minus the steam crabs and the korean black noodles and the night time coffee at pacific coffee and coffee bean and the strawberry espresso and espresso milkshake in TCC, and watching Thor on the new TV, and walking Bukit Timah hill, I guess it's been a busy weekend.

Kaiji 2

Couldn't stand his whining in the first episode. But still, looking forward to the second episode in Nov. This time, he is against some jackpot machine. And the old man's daughter and the evil guy is now his allies. Haha, another whining plot, but at least got something to see before Gaiking comes out.



So many choices...

Take the request? or reject?
Go? or don't go?
Go elsewhere? or stay put?

Fate Zero

The anime for fate-zero, the prequel to fate stay night is out.

Tohsaka got Archer, presumably Gilgamesh, using the first snake’s shed skin, Kiritsugu got Saber using the scabbard of Excalibur, Kirei got Hassan the Assasin, Waver stole his teachers relic and got Rider, Kariya summons Berserker after adding the madness incantation to his summons. Which leaves Caster and Lancer for the next episode.