Encounter at coffee bean

After lunch, we decided on coffee at coffee bean. We ordered 2 cafe latte, one passion fruit tea latte and an ultimate mocha. The mocha was ready, but they were taking a little long for the lattes. They told me to take a seat and they will serve the lattes to the table.

A while later, a waitress brought 2 identical looking drinks. Thinking that this had to be 2 cafe lattes, 2 of us took a sip, and realised that we both have passion fruit tea. We saw a waitress and informed her there was a mistake with the order. She nods, took the receipt and proceeded to move to the counter.

A while later, the waitress appears with 2 cups of cafe latte. Added with the 2 cups of tea latte, we now had 5 cups of drinks on the table. Considering that the aunty that was supposed to have the passion fruit tea wasn't keen on sharing our natural mouth fluid (saliva sounds a little coarse..so I'm sticking to natural mouth fluid), we asked the waitress if it was possible to discard the two cups of tea latte, and replace it with a new cup of tea latte, explaining the mistake in the order and the mistake we made. The waitress looks at us and says "You can have both the tea lattes" and we explained the scenario once more and asked if it was possible to replace the 2 cups with a new one. The waitress curtly agreed and proceeded to remove the two tea lattes.

A moment later, the waitress comes back again and passes a cup to the aunty. The aunty takes a sip and goes "ewwww.. its coffee" and then proceeded to the counter to change the cafe latte back to a tea latte.

Pant pant!... Unless you're a genius, you probably can't understand a word I am saying up there. Really, it doesn't matter. Its just that I've spent the whole day taking statements from witnesses, it feels like I'm writing statements again. Job hazard.

PS: After today, I can foresee a lot of people telling me that they totally understand what I wrote. Haha..

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