Phuket - Naka Island..

Sometimes, trips are about balancing between sightseeing, shopping and just lazing around absorbing the sun rays and the sea breeze. Sometimes, you can't get all 3 elements in one trip. So, the best bet is to split them into parts, and enjoy each of them seperately. Look at the pictures and you'd know which one this is.

After resting for quite some time, you can really feel the resistance to wake up in the morning tomorrow and get your butt to work. Oh well, it was a good break, so I really shouldn't complain.

Don't know what better way to blog this, so I'll compare this with W Hotel which we went to not long ago.

Pros on Naka Island compared to W hotel resort at koh samui:
- The promotional price is cheaper (haha!!)
- The beach view is much better and you feel a lot closer to nature (you can see frogs in the sand, grasshoppers and chameleons on trees etc.)
- The room has a steam room!! Seldom see this included. (3-10mins max, but it's nice to just have one in the room u knoe.. )
- Layout of the room is better (TV still not in centre of the bed, but overall still better)
- More tranquil and peaceful (you enter a room of jazz music rather than pop)

Pros on W hotel vs Naka Island
- Coffee maker with free capsules!! (Ok I am biased, cos I am a coffee addict..)
- Better food. W hotel brags that they will make u anything u order, but i diden try ordering penang fried kuey tiao cos i diden want to be the one to ruin their reputation.
- Free flow of ice cream and drinks (Goddammit, the fridge with goodies is just outside the room!! And they replenish it constantly)
- Less mosquitoes

Ok I better not continue... only thing left to say is that W hotel is more lavish but Naka does give a better feel. Yawn, no more brain cells to blog, and I have to go out to spinelli's for coffee now. Heh.. Good nite!!

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