Anyone have any remedies for temper due to work and life stress?


Life is like toilet paper... either u're on a roll, or u're taking someone elses shit...


Haha.. I'm not giving him no damn suggestions!..

Can't blame him after this:

singing k!!


Its about time I get a deskbound job? Getting too tired of all the athletics....


The worst thing that can happen to you, is have someone raise your expectations and then have it thrown down the ground, like you're not worth anything.

A wonderful ending to a wonderful day...

I was late to work and later to bf... when i got there and ordered my coffee and eggs, i scrambled around looking for a chair to join my breakfast kaki's when they just started singing me a birthday song. I totally had nowhere to hide!! and worse still... got no chair!! So I had to ask the aunty next seat if i could have the empty chair beside her, before i could sit down and hide my face from the crowd.. haha

Then I got back to work, thinking its just another day at work. I got a few messages and calls asking me to go lunch, then as usual, I was stuck in a meeting room and got out late for lunch. Was told to have lunch in Jack's Place, and when i got there, there were like 7 of my buddies already sitting there!! The lunch ended with a nice durian ice cream cake, and they were just so thoughtful (minus the unmentionable pressies)... I got back to the office with a big smile.

When I reached the office, there was another gift waiting for me from a good fren on my table. And a lot of nice people wishing me. Ended up working late again.

In the late evening, I returned a call to my sister, and the kids, Nat, Josh and Bella were going to bed already, but they just belched the loudest most adorable birthday song ever! I hope my sis doesn't have a hard time tucking them in later. And yes, when asked what my age was, I said 18... haha

To end a good day, we had a nice cake, and I got yet another nice gift from my other half. :)
It was just a nice and serene way of ending the day.

And to top it all up, I got another video clip from my buddy, his son singing happy bday to uncle tee hui... haha.. yes I am uncle already la.. cannot deny le...

Thanks to all my friends and family..... from the bottom of my heart... u all really really made this a great day!!


More presents for me.. hehehehe... fate hollow ataraxia figures (beach?) and naruto T shirts.. hahahahaha


This year, I wish for nothing but happiness for everyone I love and care for..

Underworld Awakening...

Feel like a lycan after watching this.. haha... not bad what, dunno why they gave it only 3 star.... but the cinema was full packed though..