Point to ponder..


meaning everyone has their own abilities and purpose. No one is useless unless they give themselves up..

Saw this nice bright yellow car on the way home..

Anyone know what model it is?


What is more worth it than an 8 scoop earthquake in Swensens?

My friend's favourite slogan: 答对没奖! (Translated: No prize for right answer)


Friday was errand day. Planned to accompany my gf to the dentist. Ended up:
a) Bringing my gf to the dentist
b) Renewing my passport
c) Going to Botanic Gardens for a stroll
d) Collecting the passport
e) Attending a colleague's dad's wake

All in all a fruitful day! Got lotsa things done.

Botanic Gardens..

Last time I went there was for a meeting with NParks for a bridge we were planning to construct. I always thought that the people in NParks were really lucky. When they feel a bit stressed, they look out and there is lush greenery, tons of trees and grass to look at, not to mention botanic gardens and a cafe just outside their office.
I remember applying for a job a few years back. I sent out 3 resumes and one was for NParks. Was envisioning life as a Park Ranger with my colleague. "Hmm.. what shall we do today?" "I think we should look at a tree" "Yes, see whether the tree today got sick a not"... hahahahaha

Some photos we took on Friday..

More Mojo..

He's been getting into a lot of trouble with the house owner lately, for barking real loud in the middle of the night whenever someone comes back. Lucky for me, its my floor mate that usually comes back later... heee.

B'day presents!!

As promised...some photos of presents I received.. apologies if I missed out any... (minus the pink shirt)... hehehehe... 'sim mou' leh.. hahahaha

Haha...thank you soooooo much.. really feel soooooo special...

T-Shirt Saga 2: Wetwibution

Some time back, I got a pink shirt for a friend's birthday. As a sign of appreciation, he wore it to work and on some other occassions.

Months later, its retribution. This time, another friend gave me a pink polo T. Err. I am a black, blue and white kinda guy. But seeing that he took the trouble to get it, I decided to wear it for a day.
Got to the office and it seemed that no one noticed... or at least they were pretending they didn't. Then walked to my cubicle and the first comment I had from a friend was "You look metrosexual.... no thats good... you look gay". You'd think that a pink polo T is really nothing, everyone (minus me) wears it once in a while rite? But nooooooo... it seems that I'm not the only one that doesn't think pink should be worn by guys. Oh well, if I drew such a huge reaction wearing a white shirt, how much less can I expect wearing a pink polo T?

Burgers for V Day at Relish

T-Shirt Saga 1: The Wempire Stwikes Bwite

Got up in the morning and prepared for work. After a nice bath, I went to my wardrobe and realised that I forgot to have my laundry done this week! Rummaging through the shirts I have, the only one presentable was a white shirt I bought at Expo for $9.90. So thats what I wore to work.
As I got in the office, my friends were as usual staring at their pcs. I told them it was time for breakfast and two of my friends looked shocked when they saw me. One went "Why did you wear so nice?" and another said "You going for ROM or proposal isit?" You'd think that they have never seen anyone wearing a white shirt to the office. I explained that I got no more clothes to wear, then went off to the other side of the office to look for someone else. When I got there, another friend exclaimed "You look very clean" and "You're already so fair, still wear white". Perhaps the most flattering comment that day was "You look good in white".
I got in the lift to go for some tea, then saw another friend who was heading down. He said "Aiyo, why you wear so Ah Pek". Hahahaha... somehow, his answer seemed refreshing as it was a opposing opinion.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Back in KL for new year. It's the first day of the chinese calendar, and already I'm feeling a little lethargic from all the visiting and smiling. Its feels good though seeing my father and family members after such a long time. Pity though my cousin brother is in Muar with his in-laws, and I wont be able to see him or his spouse and child this new year.

Got a whole load of ang pows from family members, a stack thicker than my wallet. Market price for ang pow fillings seem to have dropped from $50 to $10, probably due to negative sentiments of the upcoming recession. Current count for ang pow collection have passed the $1000 mark, though I've only visited half the family. Heee.

Also, spent half the day on the bus though it was new years eve and also the day of my birth. Wanted to post the gifts and wishes I received from the nicest people in the world. But I am using my cousin sister's com and I don't have an erricson cable to transfer the phone pics. To those that remembered, thank you so so very much. It's really touching to know that there are people that actually remember insignificant me.

One of those days...

Well, the title says it all...today is just one of those days!

- Woke up early only to find that the toilet door is locked by my floor mate
- Searched for hours for my lost ID card only to find it in car
- Drove to the small alley leading to the carpark only to find a cab blocking the entrance
- Drive down to the carpark only to find someone parking slower than an 80 yr old person running a marathon
- Walked to work only to be blocked multiple times by tons of people seemingly to be going in the opposite direction
- Spoke to a colleague on what the boss wants only to find out from that colleague that the boss changed his mind the previous night
- Ordered a latte only to remember I had some indigestion the previous day
- Asked to arrange for a farewell only to find out that the person leaving will not be available
- Borrowed a camera only to find out that those to be video'ed are not around
- Worked on a clip only to find out that I forgot to save it after it hung
- Drove home only to find the parking lot I park in 200m away from the house has been taken

Wow...I'm really good at whining... should make it a profession!! Hehehe...

A day at work..

Early in the morning, and my boss was moving around the office. I caught him and asked him a question for 2 seconds, "You going?" and his response was "2 seconds up". A while later, he called me to his room, "Come, come", and we started a conversation. We're going on a trip to UK but there seems to be so much uncertainty that up till the last moment, he doesn't even know if he's going. So we had this conversation on who should attend and what needs to be done. We finished the conversation with him saying "Now you're updated ah". I left the room and an inquisitive colleague spent the next 3 hours trying to find out what we spoke about or if I had resigned.

At noon, most of the guys went missing.. some went to the doc, some went for meetings and some others went AWOL. Ended up spending lunch hour at Starbucks. Its a blessing that I bought that book. Had a nice cup of latte and an almond butter cake while I caught up with some reading. I'm at Chapter 4. My reading speed has severly deterioriated, possibly due to lack of sleep or just pure lethargy. But its nice enjoying a book at a comfortable pace, though 'The Catcher in the Rye' is perhaps not the most interesting of reads.

Went back and caught up with a colleague whose last day at work was today. It just seems nice, that people are doing things they want to, rather than being constrained in an environment where you hardly know what you're doing or where you're going to. Its also nice just having casual banter once in a while. Its a refreshing change to overdose crapping or overtly serious discussions.

Spent the rest of the day drafting and sending emails to those people we would be visiting.

All in all, minus one or two tea breaks, thats about the entire day at the office.

There's a fly in my orange juice..

Went out for a cup of coffee with some colleagues. One of them ordered orange juice while the other two of us had coffee. Half way through our tea break, the colleague who had orange juice raised his voice and blurted out that "There is a fly in my orange juice!". Well, considering that he had completely finished the juice, there seemed to be little use in complaining.

That didn't stop my colleague. He stood up, went to the counter, and demanded that they give him another cup of orange juice. Well, they did, but we did feel a little shy sitting there while he proudly enjoyed that free cup of juice.