R2? No BB8!!

New toy!!!

Mind the legs at the end... 

Cloud of delay

Today is really like one of those days when the zodiac readings tell you that ''everything you do will become delayed''. Its like some slow spell has just been casted, not on you, but on the things around you. 

Got into the car and was heading to the office via an expressway when the sign showed an accident occupying 2 out of 4 lanes. Traffic was crawling, and I decided to take the slow lane, which was surprisingly moving the fastest (at least it was moving). 25 mins later, and after moving like only 2-3 cars away, I decided to detour and take a separate route. Left that expressway, went to the next one and again I was stuck. 45 mins later, I got out of the jam, and reached the office. The office carpark was suddenly full. I drive to work everyday, and this is the first time I had that ''full'' sign pointed at me. So I detoured and parked at the public carpark, left the car and walked to the office gate. Security guard stopped me from entering and asked me to take a separate entrance. Just wondered why there were so many obstacles just entering the office. Maybe its a sign. Hardly had time to do any work, as we had a briefing by our director and some discussion in the morning, right up to noon. Pass lunch and after numerous colleagues asking for assistance, finally had some time to finish up a part of the work. Then left for home in the car. When I headed to the carpark, I then realised my car was still at the public carpark and not the office carpark. Again detour, and then finally got to the car. Made a wrong left turn out of the exit, instead of taking a shortcut by re-entering the office carpark, and I got stuck another 20 mins doing a big round to go back to the expressway. Dammit. Must be some evil witch or evil omen delaying me from everything today.    

If you



Teochew song.. hahaha


Cannot sleep!!!!

Peh Sin Jia..

Two camps met up today. Discussions were on its way, and the peace treaty was about to be signed, when one of our ex-fighter started taking out a spanner. He dumped the spanner into our end of the machine, seemingly wanting to show his superiority in understanding and to let the other camp know how powerful he is as an ex-fighter. Our druid started casting healing spells in a bid to remedy the situation, and the resident shaman also chipped in to fog the area, so that peace discussions could go on. The other camp, not recognizing that a spanner had been thrown, accepted the treaty.

After the discussions, the druid approached the ex-fighter to try to understand why the spanner was thrown in the midst of treaty discussions. And the ex-fighter insisted that from his past experiences as a fighter, peace should not prevail, and war is the way to go. And his spanner, was something that another ex-fighter had heard of and agreed with that should be thrown. Any further arguments would be futile, and we just have to keep our fingers crossed that these ex-fighters don't end up swinging their swords around.

Doing everything you're told not to...

Don't drink so much coffee ah. Don't sleep so late. Don't waste food. Exercise more and eat more fruits. Those are just a few common things that I commonly got nagged for.

Only thing is, I just finished my 5th cup of coffee for today. That's 2 short of my normal dose. I'm still having bouts of insomnia caused by work related stress, and am depending a lot of melatonin 5 and sometimes even antihistamine, to get some sleep. Couldn't finish up the food after we went for a full meat buffet at Central. And exercising is no longer for leisure, like the times we used to play basketball. Now exercising is a necessity, fueled by the drive to cut down on an increasing waist line.

Just read an article about dementia, and Alzheimer's disease, and how people who don't get enough shut eye in their mid life would end up with the disease. Which is making me worried that the small stresses now that we are losing sleep over would end up being a bigger problem when we grow old.

Oh well, guess the best cure is to sleep. Melatonin kicking in... good night...

New mask

Doesn't this n95 just look like ju ba jie? Would be if u wore it a little higher. 

Nice excerpt

Found this part of an article which I found interesting....

“Adults are just obsolete children.” – Dr. Seuss

Have you ever witnessed a little kid working out on a treadmill?

Or meeting up with a friend to chat over coffee?

Or wearing a suit and making cold-calls?

Or attending a networking conference to hand out their business cards?

HELL NO. That stuff is lame and boring. If you saw a kid doing any of those things, you would laugh and wonder what the hell was wrong with them.

Kids don’t run to get in shape; they run to feel the grass beneath their feet and the wind on their face.

Kids don’t have a chat over coffee; they pretend and make jokes and explore the outdoors.

Kids don’t go to work; they play their favorite games.

Kids don’t network; they bond with other fun kids while playing.

There is no ego. There is no guilt. There is no past to regret, and no future to worry about. They just play.

And that’s what I’d forgotten, what I’d been missing, all along.


Woke up.. Packed up the house.. Was preparing the work clothes when my other half asked..  Why u wake up so early?  Today Sunday lei. Damn it, must have been dreaming of work and woke up thinking it was a Monday...  Oh well, take it as another days rest.. Heh must really be ageing.. 


We had an event... and close to the ending, there was some parts of it the left me feeling like I don't belong there or I'm not good enough for them. I looked around and realized, well maybe I'm not the only one feeling that way... or maybe, in an even worse situation, I might in fact be the only one that felt that way!
Just made me realize that I had forgotten that no one is always in a good position. There are times when we are on top, and other times when we are made to feel small. Sometimes it even hits rock bottom, but oh well, that all part of life. If we had had everything on the palm of our hands, then that wont be life. Used to tell myself that there are peaks and throughs... when you are at the bottom, there is no way else to move but up....
But I can't help but wonder what happened to the positive super optimistic me. It's like a part of me had died. Perhaps not having such high expectations of myself, or not beating myself up for things that go wrong would help.
I guess I just have to be happy with whatever I have now...and hopefully life will get better...


You know you're growing old when....

The kid in the lift calls you uncle instead of kor kor...
Your white hair can no longer be covered by the black ones....
You wake up in the middle of the night to drink water, and you try to sneak around, but cannot stop the creaking sounds coming from some part of your legs....
You wake up in the middle of the night to drink water and use the toilet...
You suddenly have a Yomeishu on your table...
You start to know the names of medication like zyrtec, fedax, dormicom...
Your past time is to browse all the news on yahoo... and you'd occasionally try to browse all the pictures on the yahoo page by scrolling each and every one of the 70 news they have...
The aircond is suddenly too cold...
You like or start liking bitter gourd and salted fish....
You suddenly like to watch cooking competitions...
Metabolic rate no longer applies to you, and even if you don't eat, you still gain weight....
You know what MASK and STARCOM is...

How many of the above do you have? Well, I have about 12....

Kuchikukan amatsukaze

Just got this.. See it a lot in variety shows..  So bought it when I saw it on the shelf..
Basically u take turns to put a knife in until the figurine pops out and that's the loser. 
Found a sure win trick to it though!!


This is nice... Nice nice....

Memory of the wind

Watched this show where they have good singers and tone deaf or eum chi singers that stand on the same stage for a guest to guess by elimination till one final singer is left.
This particular one with the nickname 'ulsan naul sniper' was pretty good.

This is the original version, and I must say it is pretty good. But I somehow prefer the sniper version... maybe cause its live?! I dunno. 

When the wind blows and shakes up my heart
I think of the past times
And close my two eyes

The silent trembling that passes me by
At that small sound
I open my ears

The growing pieces of life that breathe inside me
When they bump against and pass me by
Then look at that place

Our trust, our love
The eternal promises
If you remember me, then strongly walk forth

Our meets, our separation
The faded memories
If you loved me, then smile

The unfinished memories of life that are inside me
When they bump against and pass me by
Then look at that place

Our trust, our love
The eternal promises
If you remember me, then strongly walk forth

Our meets, our separation
The faded memories
If you loved me, then smile

Ant man

Just watched it... Not bad le.. 

The Genius: Grand Final

Can't believe it... Season 4 is out!! Can watch it on kshowonline. This is one of those shows that you just irk watching, but somehow still must watch. The evil Sang-min and Dong-min and Hyun-min are all back, and striving. Hong Jin Ho seems dem mild this time, although he is still one of the many reasons why I still bother to watch the show. His Starcraft gamer rival got kicked out in episode 2 though.. (Oops!! Spoiler!!)...

Anyway, good to have something to chase again every week. And this show always baffles me, because it portrays how people can cheat, bluff and steal just to get their way (even if its just a gameshow..). Enjoy!!

Malaysia and Singapore

Can't believe I just went to see this at Drama Centre. Hmm... not that it was not good or anything. but I definitely am not an artistic person...yawn... half way through cannot tahan aredy, but paid le bo pian must watch finish...

No coke!!

Just drank a whole cup of coke, after coming back from Bugis + and having too much Bonchon Crispy Chicken when my mom sends me a message saying "Don't drink coca cola... Company paid a very high fine..." followed by a "Not fit for human consumption".... I drink finish whole cup, then she tells me.... haha dem ironic...

Naruto Gaiden - The Seventh Hokage

Naruto Shippuuden is over...sob sob.... But seems like the manga for naruto is continuing! Yes!! But Boruto? Damn...what kinda name is that... 

Milky Shot 6.5....

Went to buy 'milk cow', a shop selling softserve ice cream that probably is made from cow's milk, hence the name. Looking at the menu, it would be obvious which one I chose. The one with coffee of course!! Went to the counter and told the counter girl, "One milky shot 6.5 please!!". I heard some giggling at the back, and the counter girl was trying so hard not to laugh, and kept saying, "Nevermind, it's ok". My other half looked at me and said, "6.5 is the price la!". And there I though they had come up with innovative names like super coffee mach 2.8. Dem lau khui (no face)....

Akame Ga Kill!!

Just finished this anime... not bad but... "spoiler alert" Akame is almost the only one that is not killed. I guess that's why they named the anime Akame Ga Kill..

The show is interesting though, with the same kind of one guy meets a ton of assasin females who all like the same guy plot.
I guess this is what appeals to guy anime fans... whereas the girl type would be one guy in white clothing riding a horse and romantically wooing the girl who so happens to be wearing glass slippers and have sparkling backgrounds of pink and white behind her.... Good thing this blog isn't popular... else I would be flamed like mad, by mobs of female anime fans..

Taxi Driver from hell...

Had this bad encounter with a taxi driver who hit me on the back of the car. We finished lunch and was on the way back to the office and I turned a corner on the 3rd lane into the 3rd lane without switching lanes. My car was almost to a halt, as the traffic lights were turning red. Creakkk!! youch!! That was when I realised that someone had banged my car bumper at the back.
The driver was a SMRT taxi driver who then drove in front of me and stopped his car. We came down and I asked him for his particulars, but he blatantly told me off and said that he didn't need to give me any details...just take his number plate can liao. I took photos of the damage, and he came over asking for money. I thought I heard wrongly, after all, he hit me on the back of the car, and brushed him off. He then approached my friend who was in the car during the incident, and when my friend asked if he wanted to settle, he told him, "you pay me money, then I don't report". Faint. You drive and hit somebody's car, and still ask for money? Then he said, "You don't pay me then I'll report what I want lor. You go do your report, I will say that you drove very fast and hit the side of my car." I asked him how is it possible that he hit the back, and he is saying that he hit my side... and he just said "It's up to me to report".

Sigh... It's already a hassle having to bring the car to repair and having to report to insurance. Its been 4 days, and the assessor from the insurance agency has yet to even look at the car, though the report had been lodged on the day of the accident. And this society is really terrible, with people that are totally unscrupulous and have to morals. I can understand that everyone has difficulties, and given the condition, I would be agreeable to just get the car to a mechanic and get it fixed without the need to report. But with people like that, sigh, I guess there really isn't any options available. One day, just one fine day, this cabby will get his karma...    

Crusaders Quest!!

Hooked onto this andriod game for now... 

Truffle fries!!

I wonder..

Sometimes I really wonder why we are always bothered by work... Worried about what we need to do and the problems we need to face... Sometimes it gets so overwhelming that it affects our sleep and wellbeing. It's like when u think back if any of those worries in the past made any difference to your life or made your life any better, the answer would probably be no. So why do we still bother? Really baffles me sometimes.