New toy...

Got a new phone...a samsung omnia. Still having difficulties using it. Never knew I had fat fingers.

Chinese New Year...

It's gonna be a good year ahead. It's good meeting up with 2 of my best buddies. And I got to see my dad. I guess luck and fortune is a state of mind. If you think you're gonna be lucky, chances are, you will be. So, cheers! And Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Going back home to KL for cny!! Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Hong Bao Tao Loi!!

Those that owe me ang pow...u know who u are.. u can hide, but I will still find u... hahahhaa... Happy Chinese New Year!!

Year of the Ox...

It's my sister's year!! And ironically, the Zodiac doesn't seem to be good for Dragons. Career, Money, Friendship. Everything seems bleak, but at least Dragons will have good health this year.

Last year, the zodiac seemed to be good for everything except health. So, this year, I guess its time to capitalise on being healthier. I'm gonna take more vitamin c, exercise more regularly and cut down on my coffee intake.... (from 8 cups to 7 cups a day....wahahaha..) eh, for a start very good aredy la... Think I also should reduce some calories before cny, so that there is enough space in there to put in all the good food.... kekeke!! Anyone knows where to get a Pendant of the Taisui of 2009? The website say must put in wallet le.

So specific ah??

We were running through some British Standards for a code of practice we were reviewing. I was almost half asleep, when this one member passed a page of the BS code over. On one of the items of potential hazards, the code listed,

"booby traps" such as used syringes taped under banisters, on top of kitchen units and doors, etc. maliciously left to injure site personnel.

which got us wondering what actually happened over there.

My fellow citizens...

Sleeping Sickness

"Sleeping sickness or human African trypanosomiasis is a parasitic disease of people and animals, caused by protozoa of species Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted by the tsetse fly. Besides confusion and reduced coordination, the sleep cycle is disturbed with bouts of fatigue punctuated with manic periods progressing to daytime slumber and nighttime insomnia." Source: Wiki

There is a high possibility that I have it...Have been sleeping the whole day!!


Just one of those days where a dark cloud hovers over your head and everything goes wrong..

It's a Miracle!!

Got a haircut... plus washed the car.... need I say more?

Caffeine Poisoning..

Walked over to Liang Court after lunch and a colleague treated us to Vietnamese Coffee. Having taken coffee at the joints in Vietnam, was half expecting it to be mildly stronger than local coffee. Ends up, we took half an hour to finish up that half cup of coffee!! (And I had to add 3 packs of sugar and dilute it with water, just to make it drinkable!!) Considering that I take 8 cups of coffee a day, this is serious stuff man. I had XX 2... and they have like 6 levels of coffee. I can't imagine whats in XX 6... U'd probably be drinking acid...

New member..

This is the latest addition to my collection of dying plants.... hope what they say about these plants being hardy is true.


Food poisoning.. Out for some time..


Tired... slept late the past few nights... I'm going to bed at 9pm tonight...

Gd nite!!


Was trying to tell a friend about the new car I just bought. While trying to explain that the COE was at a low, I excitedly mumbled "The ERP we got was quite low, cos we got the car at the next ERP bid". Scratching his head, my friend looked at me and said "COE isit, wat ERP got so expensive?"

In the evening, while talking about high salaried CEO's being able to afford luxury cars, again I mumbled, "Imagine if u r a COE and u earn like $30k a month, would u still be driving a Vios??"

Rats... I need speech theraphy..


Ever seen an embarassing moment and wonder what u would do if u were in it? Sometimes I really wonder if what I'm doing is the right thing.

So, lets just say, if you were to see a friend with 2 strands of hair sticking out his/her nose... would u:

a) crack a joke of it;
b) bring him/her to a corner and tell him/her; or
c) pretend u diden see it.

Or if u had body or mouth odour, would u:

a) Rather have ur friends pretend they don't know;
b) Have someone tell u asap so that u could do something about it; or
c) "If u r my friend, learn how to live with it!!"

I guess what u'd do and what u want people to do to u, if u were in that situation might differ. While ignorance is bliss, sometimes, I'd rather know it, feel embarassed and get it done with. Other times, I'd wish a small tsunami would sweep over, and everyone would concentrate on it and forget about the embarassing stuff. I guess its good to be able to laugh at yourself once in a while, but then again, once in a very very long while.


Before getting the car, someone told me that the new Vios had a really loud engine sound. Got the car, and sure thing, there was this loud rumbling noise everytime I drove to about 80 - 100. It came to a point that the sound was really quite bad, and we even contemplated on getting sound proofing for the car. The auto gear comes in a kinda wierd shaped configuration with P, R, N, D-3, 2, L.

Then one fine day, I realised that D and 3 was actually 2 seperate gears, and u just switch between gears by shifting in from the left to the right and vice versa. Good thing I realised this in the first week of driving the new car, or else I'd be using 3rd gear whenever I use the car! Sure thing, the sound dissapeared after switching gears and we saved a couple of hundreds in sound proofing. Who designs such ^&%#%$# configurations anyway.


Just finished trekking up Bukit Timah Hill... might be doing this weekly for exercise.. well it's so near anyway..

Hooked on....

Just register and start... Bleach one is coming out on soon. Nick is phenom76, so private battles are welcome..