Couldn't buy one, so just made one instead... ;)


Totally exhausted these days... whole schedule full packed with meetings... finish one, go for another.. before work run errands... after work run more errands.. sleep like 5 hours a day... at most.. and wake up the next day, work again. Finish 10 reports, another 10 come in. Complete one task, another 3 appear. Every time I think I have done a good job and finished something, I get rewarded with more things. Finish those "more things" and I get "even more things".

I really wonder what I am doing sometimes... why I need to make all the ends meet.. why comparative to a few years back, life was so much simpler and easier... why I used to spend hours joking and laughing away, but now spend hours slogging. And where does it end up with? Practically nothing. Or worse than nothing. At least,  a while back, my mental state is in balance, and I don't feel lousy. At least, there were more of us working together to finish menial tasks, instead of one person alone doing many tasks. Soooo tired...

Round 1.... Fight

Battle gear ready!! 9 days of study and still think will fail.. dammit...

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Anime paper toys...

This website is cool!! The owner really must have spend quite some time getting the character templates done... respect..

My god they even have the whole Ichiraku!! With Team 7 in it!!