Dian Xiao Er

The herbal duck is surprisingly good!

Secret Garden..

Watching this now... dem funny... a bit slow, that everyone else finished watching it... but it's nice... ;)

Hunter X hunter 2011..

Don't have much time to watch anime these days... so it's actually a blessing that Bleach had stopped for a moment, and naruto shippuuden episodes are coming out real slowly. These days, the only ones I watch when there is free time is Hunter X Hunter 2011 and Fairy Tail. Good enough to keep me occupied in between errands. ;) 

At the Movies in Bangkok

Was in Bangkok, and we had some time to kill before taking the flight back to Singapore. Decided to catch a movie, as it's one of those top 5 things you have to do there. We went in expecting an anthem to commemorate the King of Thailand. The screening started, and they played adverts. 1min passed, adverts... 5 mins passed... adverts... 15mins passed... still adverts... At one point it felt like we were going to miss the flight if they play any more adverts... 20 mins passed, and finally... no, not the movie.. another short clip on Maggi of the Simpsons came on... followed by yet another 5 mins of adverts!! Pant pant.. Finally... this time really finally, the anthem came, and we all stood up to listen to a song showing the King and how he is involved with the people. Should be the longest advert session in a movie I have ever seen, ever!

The movie was nice though.. 

Report: Taiwanese teen dies after 40-hour Diablo III marathon

Just read this from Yahoo News... for those buddies who play Diablo III, please dun marathon.. I still wanna drink tea with you tomorrow!!

Cut the rope experiments...

Finally finished!! Dem lazy to play... but once in a while finish one... at last finish all... heee

Harry Potter Exhibition

Went to MBS in the morning, after having the usual porridge at alexandra market. We went to the arts and science museum to see Harry Potter exhibits. Sad thing, couldnt use the camera though. Then headed to TCC for a latte. Something simple for a Saturday.


You know when you no longer can spend the time to sit idly and read a whole book? And you just don't have the patience to sit down and read even the thinnest of novels?

Then you've gotta get books like this...

If you're looking for something deep, forget it. It ends with something like this... 

Love that dog,
Like a bird loves to fly,
I said I love that dog, 
like a bird loves to fly, (no not typo)
Love to call him in the morning,
"Hey there, Sky!"

So you get the point... 

Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro (2007)

Just finished Kitaro 2007 The Movie. Live action. Nice to see the anime characters in live form, but this Kitaro is kinda sissy. Prefer the anime version of Kitaro anytime, though the effects are good. ;)

New pad...

And so the previous pad has been totally invaded by gashapon... this is the new one in front of the driver seat... wanted one on the passenger seat, but the airbag is there... well, this was after all the best fullmetal alchemist brotherhood set i could find..

Followed by dry and soup crab noodles!

China Square on a weekend!