A take on longevity

Was looking at this article outside a Japanese restaurant selling Okinawan food (whatever that is). The title says "Why the people of Okinawa live longest", and in the article, it explains that although some people believe that longevity is genetic, stats reveal that Okinawan's living in US or other parts of the world don't live as long as those staying in Okinawa itself.
So, they went to Okinawa and did a study. The findings attribute their longevity to a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and fish, along with a non-hectic lifestyle. Their lifestyle revolves around a small community of people who interact at a frequent basis and life is never too fast or hectic for these people.

Over here, I guess u could have control over your diet. One time, when I went for health screening, my cholesterol levels were so good, it felt like I had to go to Burger King and grab a burger to celebrate.
But stress wise, I guess its something that we can't achieve. People here want everything fast and good, heck caring how it's gonna get done. Work keeps piling up, and there is really much much more to do than we have time to do it. Added with the motivation level of a mosquito, work just piles up and never clears.
So I guess we can't have longevity like what the Okinawans have. Perhaps, if we control our diets, we may be able to live till 70. If we don't, count our blessings if we reach 60 (I am rooting for 60... in line with my coffee intake programme). But having said that, I'd rather have a fruitful life and live till sixty, than have a ultra long uneventful life and live till a hundred and fifty. Agree?

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