Ugly people

Some days in life you just meet ugly people. No I don't mean looks. Oh well, looks too. But not in the way you are thinking.

Just a few examples of recent encounters... just days before...

Example 1:
We were in a queue for a Bus ticket, when this Perusian bully just went to the front of the queue and asked the first person in the queue to move aside and let him buy his ticket. We told him off, that there was a queue line, and he answered "Yes I know", then stood there till the queue ended. Thinking he had learned his lesson, again when boarding the bus, he ignored everyone in line and tried to barge his way on the bus. The conductors told him off and he embarrassingly moved toward the back. But when he saw someone he knew, he just cut in the line. 

Example 2:
I was judging on a panel, when my fellow panelist asked what was my vocation. I told him I was with the inspectorate, and he then told the other panelist beside him that contractors like him hated inspectors. Well, to all their own. I am ok with him having his personal dislikes. But then, he had to point at a picture and ask me if it is safe and required supervision. I looked at his picture and politely gave him my opinion. His remark to me was "You never work in construction before how you know?" and my answer "6 years in construction and design and another 6 in safety... is that good enough??" which instantaneously shut him up for good. 

Sigh, sometimes I really don't understand why some people are like that. Life is already difficult enough without the need for bullies and nasty remarks. It's bad enough if you can't appreciate people for who they are and what they contribute, but going all out to be nasty, that really isn't something that anyone would respect or appreciate, no matter what explanations you may choose to give.