Tiring day..

Phew... end of the day... time to sleep
T'was a tiring day. Brought my gf to see dentist in the morning. Saw part of the defect rectifications being done, and then met up with the carpenter and the PUB guys.
PUB cause there is a problem with the water pressure. Problem still not resolved, as the pressure outside the house looks fine. Must be something to do with internal piping.
Carpenter, cos we're doing our own ID work. Somehow, I realise why people get IDs. Although they mark up the price by 50% to 100%, the coordination is really hectic. Choosing colors alone is enough to crack your head. Add that with type, texture and dimensions, it's a miracle if u don't get a headache afterwards.
Oh well, we've got the carpentry done at close to 50% of the cost and we've got ourselves a false ceiling and painting contractor. Now, all thats left is the lighting and the rest of the furniture, before I can start shifting in and subscribing to internet and cable.
Gd nite!!

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