A farewell..

We had a farewell for a friend today. It was her last day at the company. Everytime I see someone leave, it goes with mixed feelings. On one hand, I feel happy that that person has found some greener pasture. Be it a place with better experience, better returns, less stress, or simply is more comfortable to be in. Everyone moves for a reason. And the reason should always be positive. On the other, it feels wierd not to see that person around.

I was lucky in my first job, to be one of the first ones to leave the organisation. I left most of my buddies behind, and although I've found many new friends, I still do miss those guys i left back there. It really explains why I feel elated whenever I see an old friend.

Sometimes, I feel stupid, eminating joy over an sms or an email from a friend. Other times, I wonder if they're busy with something.

I guess its inevitable, that eventually everyone would go somewhere. Heck, we all need to retire sometime too rite? So all in all, think of it as part of lifes experience. For everyone that misses a friend, know this: To be able to get to know people, and keep them in memory - till days, months, or years later - when you do meet again - if it still feels as though the person has never left - then you've gained a friend.

Wow... I think I can qualify to be a pastor..

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