No time for bf... so go coffee bean buy latte and ginger bread man! The fat guy ask what happen if he run away, I say eat leg first. He say eat head better. Evil.

How to train your dragon...

Watched this a second time, but it's still nice to watch. So nice of my colleagues from the neighbouring block to arrange for an in-house movie and allow me to join them during lunch hour.


Yondaime Hokage (Minato Namikaze), Godaime Kazekage (Gaara) and Uchiha Sasuke..

More Gashapons for the car dashboard... 

Optimash Prime!!


"We got +0.75 yr end bonus"
"Where where?"
"On yahoo news!!"

Isn't it sad, that yahoo knows about our bonus before we did? Not even an email or a post on the intranet!!


Went to McCafe and saw this little girl telling her mom she got a bear drawn on her drink. I was queueing for my latte then, and involuntarily let out a big "Wahhh!" I guess the Indian lady behind the counter heard. A few weeks later, when I was ordering cappucino, the lady told me, "Haha today got time" and started etching a chocolate bear face on my latte! Should have been a male bear, but looks like a female bear with the ribbon at the top.



Do As Infinity, my favourite band, with the OP of Inuyasha Kanketsu Hen. :)


Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads the crap I write...

Zui Jing

Work work...

Been pretty busy in the office recently. Managed to get a report for the staff up, a report for the director with warnings done, a report on a recent exercise done, a response to a recent enforcement done, a set of slides complete, all in a weeks time. Spent the whole week on site, either responding to complaints, or dealing with rectification verification. And the remaining time writing report after report. Wanted to finish up some work today, but at 215, got buzzed by my email calendar reminding me that the next meeting was at 230. Got most of the work done afterwards anyway. And have 6 more reports to vet tomorrow, and more if the staff submit them either today or tomorrow morning. And have some appraisal interviews to deal with. I guess it's good to be busy. When you're busy, you really don't have the time to worry. And it feels good when things get finished too. :)

When half full is not enough

Do you have those days where u wished u made full use of it, but its still not enough? Like its just not as fulfilling as u wished it could be and that more hours or just simply completing more errands would've helped?

Feels that way these few days.

Like today, went to vicom to get the car inspected. Got a note from LTA asking me to make sure its inspected by end Dec or else. Had the popular mee sua at Bukit Batok market. Made it back home to rest a bit, then went to sing k at kbox. The klunch sucked big time, but haven't been to kbox for quite some time, so it didn't really matter. Got home and slept a bit. And then went to trade hub to have fish soup for dinner. Pumped petrol. Washed the clothes. And stared at the pc for some time. Then realise that the day is over and its 12+, but it wasn't really a fulfilling day. Like there is something I needed to do but didn't.

Baka To Test To Shokanju

Translated as "idiots and tests and summoned beings"... ok nurahiyon no mago: sennen makyou is not moving even half as fast as I wished it to.

Am at the second episode of this anime. It's one of those idiot animes which is psychotic enough to make you wonder what you just watched.

We all went through times when we wished we didn't need to study, and could replace studies with ESBs or examination summon battles. Now we probably wish we could replace our work with ESBs. But either way, it's a good filler while waiting for the other animes to be subbed.

Rock Musical Bleach..

My god... even Bleach has a musical...

Hong Kong Soup at Bukit Timah Market...

Who says nothing is cheap and good...

Bumper woes..

We were just finishing off work at one site, when my colleague drove the car away from the kerbside and into a private carpark lot. Bam! He drove so fast that the car hit the gate. We didn't check the condition of the car after that, but the gate seemed to be alright. The number plate of the car was dented though, when we got back to check. Reminds me of the time when I was at CSC carpark lot for an event, and I drove straight into a carpark lot and hit the wall. No damage on the bumper, but the number plate fell off. Well, that was from the previous car, so hopefully the number plate doesn't fall off the next owner's car!


Took the weekend off to go for a holiday. Destination: Ho Chin Minh. On a Friday afternoon, we made our way to the budget terminal to board on Tiger Airways to go to the proverbial land that Anthony Bourdain covets. And I have to admit, this trip was solely a food trip. And the name of the dish: Cha cha la vong.

Can't blame us for having a craving for this dish, it's so popular, even the restaurant is named after it. We had it in Hanoi once; the thick yellow oil, the condiments, multiple groups of people eating in the same restaurant sharing the same table eating the same dish. It was like we were family. We became part of the Vietnamese community, just pouring in the savoury oil into our belly without considering what it did to our arteries. We just had to try it again.

But sadly, this time, it was different. Ho Chin Minh, being THE city, was much more mordenised that it's counterparts. The thick yellow oil was cut to just a small coat on the fish, and where we mingled with locals and sat on wooden stools, we now had a whole table to ourselves. The fish tasted the same, but somehow, the gravy, condiments and overall feel was just different.

Oh well, instead of 3 days of Cha cha la vong as we had planned, we ended up trying out the more common dishes in Vietnamese cuisine... Like this Pho.

Tastes great with the onion soup which somehow reminded me of the mee soto at Rendang Corner. But being city kids with weak bowels, we skipped most of the squatting food. Like the restaurant, 'Trang', which we were searching high and low for, and found out that the squatting area in front of our hotel, which we decided from the start that we would never patronise, was indeed 'Trang'. And those stalls with aunties cookie Pho along the streets. Couldn't help noticing her removing a rock from under a table, and then taking noodles with the same hand to cook for the next customer.

And well, if you do wish to travel around and sight see, you'd probably be reminded a lot about the Vietnam War, or as the locals put it, the American War. City tours would land you in one of these war museums. And though I graphically screened off all the gory details (this being a PG blog and all), I couldn't help but feel like I was in another scene of Black Hawk Down.

Perhaps the adults and the early teens still have a problem letting go of the past. And mentions of Clinton's visit does little to help. But the kids sure have gotten over it.

These, by the way, are probably kids in school uniform. Or some army regime.

Enough of Vietnam food. We spent the night having Shabu Shabu at Gyu Jin. Nothing like nice thin slices of beef and some lemon soda. We tried our best to finish up the beef, and at the last piece, gave out a sigh of relief. The lady cleared the plate, marking our victory over the dish. And then returned with another full plate of beef.

And no, we didn't just eat for three and a half days. We went for a city tour, and a visit to the Chu Chi tunnels, with this picture as proof that I crawled the full length of the 100m tunnel. Even though this was the exit at the 1st 10m interval.

Ok, it wasn't supposed to be a stressful trip. And trips are about fun and enjoyment. Like this nice cup of Vietnamese Coffee.

Have to admit though, that this bowl of beef stew, which we had at a restaurant called Pao at Bui Vien St, was delightedly wonderful. With nice soft crusty bread and a stew made in heaven.

Yes, I do think I should cut down on watching foodie shows. Too much Bourdain and Sa Sa affects even the blog posts.