Oh god... I'm loosing slack!!

It's a bad sign when u feel a transition from being slack to loosing slack.

In every organisation we go to, we always start at a slacked nature. As time goes by, depending on how much slack the boss cuts us, we progress slowly to take on one or two menial tasks. After a few tasks, and depending on how well you conceal yourself, you get n numbers of new menial tasks, normally called workgroups or cases or even committees. n is inversely proportional to the ability to conceal oneself multiplied by how slack you were.

Then when they think you're ready, whether u feel prepared or not, they start to hit you with 'god knows where they found so much work from'.

Current events indicate that I've unwittingly passed the 'I am new' stage, and unknowingly moved on to the 'I am no longer new and u can give me work' stage. Its a signal that I've somehow left my invisible blankie at home and that I'm starting to loose slack. Where I used to find conversations, I now find heaps of papers on the table. Where discussions with the boss used to be on 'what we want to do', now it becomes 'when we have to get it done by'.

And meetings are not getting any less. I suppose that really means that the honeymoon period is over. Either we find another honeymoon elsewhere, or start to face reality that more and more tasks will come.

Having said that, I'm not one to be bothered by the number of tasks I get. Give me 5 and expect 1/5 the quality of that if u gave me 1. Give me 100 and expect 0.01 percent of the effort. I guess, all in all, it really depends on how important you see these as.

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