Life is just so amusing at times. It brings u up when u least expect it, and it throws u down when u're unprepared. I guess this happens to everyone. We're only human, and there's bound to be ups and downs in life.

At times I wonder, why people work so hard in their lives and then not live to see the fruits of their labour. Why people spend so much effort in their jobs, only to feel unappreciated. Why people try so hard to be concerned of others, only to have others scoff at them. And perhaps, why people try so hard to reach a destination in life, only to find no roads at the end.

I presume that its inherent in us so called humans to want to strive for something in life. Some people strive for money, to be able to have a better life. Some people strive for power, to reach a better position. Some people just want recognition for their efforts. All these just seem so important to us at some point of time.

There are moments of sanity, when we see that everything we do is probably in vain. If you sit back once in a while, you'd notice that none of the things you've done actually mattered. No amount of hard work or effort is going to change the way things work out. No amount of labour or time is going to change the way people think of you. No amount of money or achievement is going to make you really happy.

Perhaps one lesson in life to learn, is not to be concerned with what you want or have, not to be concerned with what other think or feel about you, not to be concerned over menial things that mean so much to everyone today, but mean nothing tomorrow..... but only to know your own self worth and 问心无愧... don't you think so?

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