Here I am again, at 209am typing on my blog. You normally do things like this when you can't sleep, and god, I just took a spoonful of cough mixture and guess what.. no effect..#@%$^$#. So, guess what. Since I took the effort to type this for your leisure (minus the fact that I am having insomnia), you should not complain that I wasted another 5 minutes (10 or maybe 20 for slower readers) of your life. Either way, you have time to kill, so just read whatever I type.
In just six months, I lost close friends, tea buddies, people to laugh and joke with, people who did things for me because they wanted to and not because it was part of their jobs. What I got in return, was a few peoples careers on my hand, a load of responsibility, a kind boss who has given me some trust, a phone that pains me once a month, tons of reports to clear, a lot more site work to do, and a fear of voicing my opinions, bearing that nobody would listen and things are driven like we were in the military. I used to feel that life was simpler, when frustrations often led to tea breaks, and company was somehow always available. But now, things are more focused. I know more what I am supposed to do. But lost the motivation to do anything more. I look around me once in a while, and I notice a lot of people with similar expressions as me. An expression of lethargy, tiredness and demotivation. Somehow, I just think that this could have something to do with a pandemic virus, rather than the fact that the entire organisation is unhappy. So, no one is appreciated for the work they do. So, anyone can be thrown around anytime, or put anywhere anytime, and not feel that they have been put in a bad position to start all over again, without nothing at all to support them. So bosses make empty promises all the time and can live with it. If people become demotivated, they can always leave, and we can always re-hire. But no one, just no one at all, realises that this is a sickness. One that cannot be cured just by replacing headcounts. Nothing will change, if things remain the way they were.
I just feel sad that I have not moved on. That I am one of the diseased, or perhaps even one of the terminal patients of this disease.


Thought this week got Nura and Kekkain vs Hagoromo Gitsune to see... end up worse than filler.. flashback episode... $%^&$&^%#...


Still battling the virus...

Touching story..

kana con..


They will be in F1 this yr!! 3 guys from the group at least, G Dragon, Seungri and T.O.P..

Old one pai.. which one better??

 Panasonic THL42E3S



Free F1 pass!!

Johnny English

Yea its slapstick, but dem funny. Everyone saw the trailers, but when they showed the chair scene, they still laughed like nobody's business, till I can't even hear what the movie was saying. Sick, but went to west mall to watch it anyway. Think I am seriously in need of comfort. :)

Gantz II: Perfect Answer

Can't believe how fast they have aired this online and got it subbed!! Watched this on anime-media.com. The second part is a follow up from the first, where Koruno Kei tries to save everyone by getting enough points through Gantz and to make things a little spicier, he falls in love with a suspect alien. Have to say that the Gantz movie series is really much much better than the anime (gave up on it as I mentioned the last time). If I say any more, it's gonna ruin the movie with spoilers. :) 

Caverns of Moria

Part of the job requirements require us to put ourself in conditions of danger. This day, it felt like something from a D&D show, entering in to some dwarven mines. It wasn't Moria but being in a cave structure with rocks all over reminded me of the bat caves we went to. Only thing is, the conditions were much better when you're on a holiday watching bats, then when you are at some job required hazardous cavern trying to assess its condition. The smell of ammonia and the constant dripping of water added to the discomfort and a going-to-get-sick feeling. I was equipped with two 1-handed weapons, not scimitar and crossbow, but some meters. Ended up with a huge migraine, and some instruction on more work to come. But all in all, I guess having some detour from daily work is much more gratifying than staying in the office doing the routine work I do.


Why aren't I asleep yet? I have work tomorrow and I'm going to be tired as hell...

Dragonball - Movie 4 - The Path to Power

Just watch this this morning. KameHameHa!!


How come recruit page got so little good job offers! But so many people found good jobs to go to!! Aaarrhh..

Secret on KBS

Korean variety show. Most of them are korean singers or stars.

Will post it if I do find the subbed version. Saw this on KBS on SCV, so it was subbed when I watched it. Hee... :)

Epicurious - Rail Mall

Too lazy to go far, so we had lunch at Rail Mall. The food is ok, the angus beef noodle has quite a sour taste, with lemon grass and chives to go with steaks of beef. The burger is their trademark, and the portion was a little big, but ok.
A few students came in, to celebrate one of their friend's birthday. The guy was made to wear a red ribbon on his head, there was tons of giggling and they had hello kitty balloons for deco. Haha, really reminds me that I am no longer young. Nowadays, a hot cup of latte and some newspapers suit me better. :)

Disgaea 4!!!

Wohoo!! Got the limited edition Disgaea 4... haha.. yaya like small kid get present..wahaha can level up to level 9999 lei...