Errr... u sure people wear that?!?

Hehe... just a little something I found at someones house..

Wonder who wears these hehe... I'm not saying, else I face the full brunt of Diablo..

But can you imagine your kid in this? hehehe.. hopefully not male la.. If male might catch a cold.. hehehahaha
Parents, pls inspect the pants before buying.. if no your kid wear dam paiseh la.. hehehehe
Guess whether the hole is front or back....hahahahahhaha...


Past few months, in particular last week, was very trying time for me. Albeit the smiles and jokes, things were always going wrong one way or the other. I always wonder if I am a dragon, coz people say that this year is a good year for dragons, but things seem to go the other way round. I know of many friends who lost their next of kin this year, and most of them are dragons. I have luck on my side, that has not happened to me. Perhaps I should think what the bug told me to.. that things could've been worse had it not been a good year. Last year was a bad year for dragons, but things seemed to be so much better. Wonder if what they say about zodiacs have any truth in them.
Sometimes I wonder, if any of the things that I think are bad now, will be things that I'd do in future. Years ago, I would tell people off for drinking too much coffee. Now I'm a coffee addict. Life used to be so much more relationship based back when I was computer illiterate. Now I'm a pc geek who spends hours looking at the screen and running multiple blogs. Back then, drinking tea meant spending quality time with friends sharing about experiences, now tea sessions meant nothing but hours of talking cock. Friends then were brothers, friends now feel more like temporary company.
I guess my priorities are all wrong. Where I'm supposed to live the life I want, I'm living the life others want me to. Where I'm supposed to plan my future, others move it away. Maybe spending some time every day reflecting on what I want and where I want to be is what I need. Or maybe my encounters have made me a little mentally unstable. Hope no one has to visit me at IMH anytime soon...hehe..

Real estate..

We have officially shifted to another building! To facilitate renovation of our office, we were relocated to another office for a period of 2 years. Well, I have no complaints on this move except for a few minor details.. well, make that a couple.. no, actually it's quite a lot of complaints but nevermind..we'll leave it at that..

Firstly, lets talk about cubicle size.. I used to have a prime estate cubicle, where people would come over and spend time at my cubicle due to its condusive and strategic location. Not to mention, I used to have at least enough space for a guest chair. This however is what I'm left with..

If my guest was a mouse or a rat, I'd probably have enough space to offer it a seat...

Ok... so good employees don't complain about cubicle sizes... next problem, locality.. I mean, when you get real estate, there are 3 things you consider.. location, location and location right? So this is the situation...

How much more open can anyone be? Whoever assigned me the seat must really really have hated my guts..
Well, in school we were always taught that no matter how diverse the situation, we should find alternatives... while this might not be the best solution, guess I'll have to live with it for quite some time before I either give up and move out or I decide to go for early retirement.

Guess which real estate I'm in!?!

Kana bang also must pay....sian man..

Was heading home on a Friday night to get some well deserved sleep. As I was making a U-turn to go to the HDB car park at Teck Whye, there was a huge impact on the rear of my car, forcing me to swerve and stop the car at the roadside. When I regained composure from the shock, I realised that I was hit by a vehicle coming out of the slip road.

The car that hit me went in front of me and stopped. An old uncle, which I think is in his 60s, came out and asked me what should be done. I didn't have an accident report form at that moment, so, following what is commonly done, I asked for his IC and contact number and took down his car number plate. I did the same for him as the uncle told me he was illiterate and couldn't speak english. The uncle explained that he saw the traffic light turn red and assumed that there were no cars around. So, on the spot, we decided that we would claim insurance as the rear side fender of my car was sunken in.

All was well, at least until late afternoon the next day. His "friend" called me to tell talk about the accident. He then went on to explain that he was a claims person and he knew the loopholes to the trade. He started by saying we should not dwell on whos fault it is in the accident. There are only 2 options for this case: One, I send the car to his workshop, where they will not replace the bumper, but will only make good by doing a localised touch up. If it is not satisfactory, then he will give me a little bit of cash to compensate. The second option, if I were to decide to claim insurance, he will put up a claim to say that I U-turned, swerved and scratched his car, which obviously would be a lie, but he would do so just to avoid paying a few hundred dollars more for the reduction in NCB. He further claimed that this case is 50:50 as he can fabricate what story he wants in the report.

Considering that I've already sent the car to the Borneo Motors workshop for assessment, sending the car to his workshop would mean that I'd risk having my warranty revoked. Furthermore I'd have to live with the substandard repairs. If I don't send it to his workshop, then he would lie through his ears to get away with paying the full amount, and likelihood is that I'd have to pay half the amount in repairs which is about $350 and both our NCBs will increase. So either way, I lose.

Of course I'd prefer option 3, where he pays for my full repairs by cash i.e. $700, and I don't claim insurance, but that wishful thinking.

It's just sad to know that when someone bangs your car and decide to lie about it, you'd not only have your car damaged, but have to pay for other peoples fault as well. Worst thing is, there is totally no recourse for such action and you have to live with it. Just wonder why people are willing to do such bad things just to save a few hundred bucks. Hope they get punished in hell.


Its that time of the year... the most important time of the year for us to raise our hopes for a better future and to strive for whats most important for us... yes, its the annual toto "Hong Bao Draw". Every year, we get a chance to live our dreams, while we are day-dreaming after buying that toto ticket but before the results are out. "What would you do ah, if you win?" is a common question. My favourite answer would be "I'd wear shorts and a singlet to if you see me in that attire, you'd know I striked toto". Another one of my favourites is to tender my resignation with a letter stating 'I resign. Please see attached' and a copy of the winning ticket attached overleaf.

Singaporepools has ingeniously came up with a 338 hong bao....consisting of 8 numbers of system 9 tickets from the top 8 winning outlets. To get this hong bao, you'd have to download a form, fill in your particulars, fax it to SP, obtain a return fax with a reference number, go over to the outlet indicated, pay $338 and get the hong bao. Well, it's tedious, but being a little greedy once in a year isn't too bad rite? hehe..

I've got a hong bao for myself it's about time for me to check if I'm the next Donald Trump or Bill Gates! Watch out for my singlet yah!

PS: If you noticed, the picture is a placebo..(my colleague's hong bao). The winning ticket is at my home.. hehe

Yeah man! Shippuuden is here!

Had a difficult time getting the remaining episodes of fillers for Naruto after the tipoff from my buddy that Naruto is back on the main plot. Well, it's about time, since we are all terribly bored with rasengan and the same old stuff from the rest of the Genin. So, Naruto grow a few inches taller, and Shippuuden is now on its third episode, but Naruto, albeit having tons of training, is still using a clone assisted Rasengan? You'd have thought, after two years, that he'd be able to execute one without a clone. Anyway, watching them going back to the main plot is a blessing. Bleach has gotten leaps ahead of Naruto in the fan run due to its slow but still palatable filler of the Bounto. Its about time we got more outta the orange shirt guy than another one of his will power induced victories.