Le fat rabbit next door

See this guy every morning when I leave for the office...

Building Teams on Friday..

Went to the big bosses house, which was linked to some reservoir. Part of the activity was to walk 20 minutes to a certain area for some games.

Well, perhaps the most memorable part of the day was when they played true or false, and asked "a dog has 3 eyelids... true or false" and all the competitive souls ran to the false area, while those that were too lazy...I mean intelligent.. to move from the 'true' area actually got it right!

They had an awfully chocolate cake... and some bacardi breezers on ice.

Not too bad for a working day. :)

Of Hope and Fate

Life is a truly morbid joker. Where it felt like there was nothing else to hope for, and nothing to be glad about, it flickers glimmers of hope at me.

I was really distraught about the things at work, the way I was never appreciated for the things I do, the way everyone else got all the accolades, good grades, recognition, when I always tried really hard and gave it everything I could, even when I couldn't. At one stage, it really felt like no one really bothered even if I was to disappear from the face of the earth the next day.

I got an email today, having the words "You have done well". For an insignificant like me, it really meant something, however it was intended or whether everyone else had the same or even if it was meant a different way, it just wasn't important. To me, seeing that just made me think that somewhere down the line, someone noticed and appreciated the effort.

Today, in our branch meeting, it just felt like everyone was supportive. Albeit my corny humour and candid remarks, just to have everyone's recognition made me feel that being there for others and helping each other out was really worth something.

Someone told me, that people knew that I helped them, and everyone appreciates what I have been doing for them. That really did put a smile on my face.

Well yes, I am easily contented. Everyone seems to ask me how I can laugh and be happy everyday. I guess when you suffer enough in life, get betrayed a lot, be lied to enough and be hurt by the people you believed and trusted in enough, you'd look at life in a different light. :)

Snapshot of next blog post...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Dunno lei...what's that??

A wash in the dark...

Wahaha... sound spooky rite? Nono... is I wash car at night in the condo carpark... well lit de...

Ever had the problem where u keep washing the car, but it never gets clean? I change water twice le... and dried the car twice... still like got dust from the cloth lidat. Hhmph..

And I wasn't alone. There were two maids beside me washing another car. Guess they must be wondering which country this white maid come from. Can do two Indonesian maids job cleaning one car.

Pant pant...2 hrs later... and i hope it is slightly cleaner than before. Tomorrow I wake up... sure regret not driving it to the carwash de.

DAI - Inuyasha Kanketsu Hen

Fate / stay night - Unlimited Blade Works

Just finished the movie!! If you've seen the anime series, then this will be close but different to the original storyline. Don't wanna add spoilers, though I'm tempted to. Haha.



Kept thinking today was Sunday.. and tomorrow was a work day. Just found out from someone that another lorry crane toppled.. like I care..wahaha... but was a bit worried that it'd ruin my weekend. Though luckily, the boss was a bit empathetic, and didn't call us down on a Saturday. Come Monday, that's a different story.

Went Vivo, has a nice lunch, and got myself a new book.

Yep, it's another one of those small boy books that I read. After reading the Moonshae Triology, I dun think I've ever come across any better book that describes the D&D world better. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this book will not dissapoint me like everything else.

Oh well, was aiming for that Gaara or that Sasuke... but as usual, luck is not on my side, and I got a Karin and a Kakashi instead.

Just had a nice Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean a while ago. Or was that Starbucks. I can never differentiate them. Apart from that Starbucks has better coffee I think. Or is it the other way? hmm..

Ok... time to gao gao. Good night! And sweet dreams!


Had teppanyaki at Hilltop... haven't been there for a while..

Followed by Adele: Rise of the Mummy or Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc .....  not as nice as the other Mummy.. but nice as well...