London, British Museum, Windsor Castle, Stontonehenge and the Roman Bath

Study trip over!!! Tour is in!!!

Day 1 - Don't really have much time to blog, so I'll make it real quick. Started off with a stroll around the streets of London, looking at the London Eye, Big Ben, River Thames etc.

Spent half a day in the British Museum, looking at Egyptian Mummies, Assyrian Lion Hunting, etc.

Day 2 - Took an Evan Evans Tour to see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.

Day 3 - We went to Amsterdam for a canal cruise followed by dinner at a floating restaurant and a tour of the red light district.

Day 4 - Travelled from Amsterdam to Colonge to take a look at the Colonge Cathedral. Went for a Rhine Cruise and then headed to Mannheim where we will be putting up for the night.

Day 5 will be in Lucerne... from Mannheim to Heidelberg to Blackforest to Rhine Falls..

Gtg!! See ja!


On Proximity

Passenger 1: Why you drive so close to the car in front?
Driver: Where got close? Got 1 car distance leh.
Passenger 1: You will make the guy in front panic.
Driver: Huh? You mean you panic when someone drives close?
Passenger 1: Ya! err...I mean, no...err I mean hahahaha ya la..

Passenger 2: Why u drive so close to the car in front?
Driver: Where got close? Got 1 car distance leh.
Passenger 2: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....snort....zzzzzz.....snore....
Driver: ?????

On Negotiating a U-Turn

Passenger 1: Passenger 2, hold on tight.
Passenger 2: Huh?
2 seconds later...
Passenger 2: Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!!!!
Passenger 1: Warned you already. He making U-Turn.

On Accidents

Driver 1: This is the 3rd accident I've been in this year! I really suck at driving man.
Driver 2: You tried hitting a motorcyclist, have him fly above and behind your car before?
Driver 1: Err...I think my driving not bad leh...

On Speed

Driver 1: You know you drive like a girl?
Driver 2: Because I haven't got the 2 speeding tickets you just got ah?
Driver 1: Hehe..yah.

Driver 1: My mum doesn't want to see me drive above 60.
Driver 2: Then rushing for time or emergency how?
Driver 1: She close her eyes lor....

Disclaimer: The above scenarios are exerpts of real life experiences. None of the above characters are in any way related to me, or have anything to do with me, my family, my friends or my colleagues. None at all...

Swollen lips..

Was having a fever during the weekend. Then last night, when I woke up, I realised that the left side of my lip was swollen. No, I'm not putting a pic of myself here, but the picture of Tony Leung in The Eagle Shooting Heroes gives u the idea of what swollen lips look like. Went to the doctor and got some antihistamine. Probably something related to an allergy.
No worries though, its not that obvious and swollen lips never stopped a person from going to work. You just have to be ok with looking like you're biting a hotdog the entire day.

Is there a terrorist in my neighbourhood??

Was on my way home, when I noticed that the road turning in to my rented place (Stagmont Ring Road) was blocked off by policemen. If you've followed the news, this is probably one of those operations to track down the terrorist who escaped from a detention center. I mean, its bad enough that we get traffic jams from tons of police cars parked along Bukit Timah Road in the morning on the way to work. They could be a little more considerate and park at the side roads, rather than clog up Bukit Timah Road by occupying one lane. At night, when you're tired and want a good nights rest, they block off the entrance to your home. Had to make a big round past the other side of Choa Chu Kang Link through Sungei Kadut Drive leading to Choa Chu Kang North 6 and then 5 just to get back to the other side of the road block. Doesn't really make sense closing one side of the road when he can escape by the other side that doesn't have a road block rite? Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a supporter of national security and I do hope they get that terrorist soon, but they could at least be a little more considerate.
And oh ya.. I'm checking my car for unwanted sleeping objects, just in case a tired terrorist decides to sleep in my car.


Yaay! Today eat bak kut teh! hahahahha.. high cholesterol..

It's travel time again!!

It's like a celebration. Each year, tons of people wake up early, drive to the EXPO, grab a bite, get into the queue...just to get the latest bargains for travelling. Yep, we went to NATAS 08 on a Saturday morning. Only this time, we went a little late. No point joining the crowd, the booths won't move anywhere anyway. So we got down at about 10am, had a nice breakfast, then walked over to the fair. The queue was still pretty long, but we got in quite soon after we started queueing. One thing we noticed was that we really didn't bother to find out where each booth was or which credit card had the best deals. Went over to Dynasty for an enquiry and then CTC to finally book the tour we were looking for. As for lucky draws, we were hoping that lady luck would bring us that PS3. We ended up with something of equal value.. 2 water tumblers and a $5 voucher. (Don't even think of it...I'm not exchanging a PS3 with another set of those). We'll at least we had better luck at the Popular Bookfair.'s still there!!

Can't believe its over a year since we did that...

I'm getting old..

Had a trip briefing to the delegates heading to UK on Friday. I was requested to brief the group on the itenary...on who we were meeting and the purpose of our meetings. Half way through the briefing, a real estate developer raised his voice and made a comment, "Why aren't there any developers in the itenary? We are here because we are told there will be developers we are visiting. Why don't have?" His hostility caught me by surprise. Years back I'd probably have a shield and armour ready in defence. I guess I really am getting a little older and lethargy is creeping up. So much so that I no longer even want to defend. The best retort that came out of my mouth was "Can u then recommend an organisation we can visit? I can't think of any". He continued his motor mouth, thinking that he was on a roll. The chairperson was reluctant to speak looking at the hostility shown, but spoke up anyway. "With all due fairness, the programme was circulated a long while ago. And no comments were received." Last minute and he wants a miracle? Ask him to arrange lor. Sigh. I am getting old.