New toy

Hehe... My new toy!! Keep alerting me when got message or notification from game, can change to batman watchface when I feel macho or hello kitty watchface when trying to act cute. Can play Eric chou song on watch and also Goblin soundtrack 'beautiful life'. Also during meeting can suddenly alert "I cannot understand your command. Please repeat your order". But still dem fun!! Huhuhuhu...

Pain pain

Went to a dentist, and had to do a root canal... My second one!!! Dem I'm getting old. Soon I will be Bo Geh. During the root canal ok, but after the anaesthetic worn off, fuwahhh dem kau pain!! At night also cannot sleep. Lucky got clover leaf oil.. Painful also, but numbs the area for about 10mins each application. Lasted like that for 2 days before it stabilized. Dem tooth. Aughhh.


Have been watching sporadic anime's from Sousei no Onmyouji to Ajin... but really cannot wait sometimes for the episodes to come up every week. Kinda makes me wanna give up after watching just one or two episodes...

Recalled the only major anime I missed was One Piece... have seen most of the rest; Bleach, Naruto Shippuuden, Hunter X Hunter, etc etc, but One Piece is probably the only one that I have not watched. Probably cos the type of art they used in the anime didn't really appeal to me and the number of episodes were crazy!! (was already at episode 760 when I started, no joke). But oh well, it fit my requirement for an anime I could watch and would not run out of episodes too fast. Fastforward a few weeks and... uhm... I am at episode 332!!! Almost at halfway point. Not a bad time filler and good way to de-stress after a long day. Sometimes wished we were like the protagonist, and just need to travel and fight to the death, and not have to work a single day of their lives.

Currently watching

Apart from the korean varieties we have been watching every evening, nowadays we also sometimes cover some korean drama. Latest one is "The lonely shining goblin" or in short "The goblin". Features Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. Don't really understand why they say Gong Yoo is handsome. Tall maybe, but handsome?? Nahhhh... It reminds me of "Twilight" movies... teenage flick type of show with romance hidden in the story. Oh well, this one hides nothing... yuck yuck..

Nice songs - Eric Chou

2017 better?

Was reading my horoscope in chinese for 2017, and trying to find out what my metal was. Went to one website which asked for your DOB and time of birth as inputs before they told you exactly which element you were. I roughly recalled what time I was born, but after checking on a few times, realised that it didn't make a difference. Whatever time I clicked, it still ended up with "weak earth dragon". 

I would've thought that I was a strong fire dragon, or a divine platinum dragon... but noooo I am just a weak earth dragon. But then again, if you look at the table below, it says "best" for grounded weaklings like me. So what does 'best' mean? It said "good opportunities for study"... don't think I can study anymore at this age... and then mentioned that I should either find another place where my contributions and expertise is valued, or regulate my expectations and accept my fate. Well, how can that ever be "best", I seriously dunno... 'bad' must be u step on shit everyday...  

Keeping my fingers crossed, well at least it will be better than last year right? So my itchy fingers clicked on 'horoscope for 2016' and guess what... for 2016, weak earth dragons also got 'best'!!! Best my foot la, one of the worst years of my life man....$#@^%$&%$... freaking stressful and thankless work.... @#!^%$#.. 


New car!!

The new car is here!!! Small Audi.. Totally not used to it, and settling parking issues with change of IU..