New addition

Justice League!!

Oh god, I think my camera skills suck!!

Pokemon Go - Gen 3

They just announced Gen 3 for Pokemon Go, coming out next week .... going to get busy again... 

Last session!

Just finished my last physio session... after having back pain and finding out that I had slipped disc.. Well, the physio was fantastic... cured it and got me doing exercises that I never ever did...

Let's pray it really is the last one, and I don't have to see one anymore... fingers crossed... 

One piece ships...

Finished Garp's Marine ship... 

One more to go... Queen Mama Chanter!!

Wonder Woman!!!

Got this during a movie... Batman was sold out... hais... hehe

The Sacred Riana

This is cool... simple, but cool..

Do As Infinity - Juuni Taisen (Zodiac War)

My favourite jpop band is back!! Used to love their inuyasha soundtrack Fukai Mori... and now they are back with Juuni Taisen's Ending Track, Keshin no kemono!!