Lost my mailbox key...and there was no spare. So I had to call in a locksmith.

Took him like 2.5 seconds to pick the lock!!

And another 1 minute to remove the whole thing and replace it with a new one.

In just 62.5 seconds, I lost $40... and gained 2 keys for the mailbox..


In a dilemma on what phone to get next... Omnia sucks big time (I'm using it), and Nokia is nothing like it used to be. Vivaz is problematic. And Iphone 4?

iPhone 4 Reported to Have Yellow Screen and Signal Issues

Engadget and other tech news sites are reporting that users have complained about yellow spots and banding lines on the screen of the new Apple iPhone 4. While those phones can be replaced for new ones, it also seems that there may be an issue with the reception of the phone, as holding it in your hands will cause the signal to drop to nothing. That's not a good sign if you think about it, as the new antenna located in the steel band at the sides of the new iPhone is supposed to help boost signals, not cause them to drop if wrapped in fleshy hands.

Think my hands are considered fleshy. So how to use? $%#@$#^

Nokia no good, Blackberry difficult to sms, Ericcson software problem, Samsung reception sucks, Motorola / LG never try b4, HTC tried my brother in law phone difficult to use.

Think I just buy pager la.. haiya..

Interesting Meetings...

We'll meetings aren't supposed to interesting or fun, but the one meeting I always end up enjoying, even after dragging my feet to drive there, is the demolition code meeting. Perhaps these guys (including myself) have all been exposed to too much demolition debris that we are a bit screw loose in the head, or maybe it's just the group, they're all quirky characters that are well, experts in their field, but still willing to take in constructive criticism...

Interestingly, the conversation didn't stop at demolition of buildings, but went on to
- why GST (goods and services tax) was added on top of water conservation tax - making it tax on tax when water conservation is not a service;
- what happened when a minister went to an estate and how much they spent on refurbishing the buildings with plants, carpets, buggy and the sort, just to welcome the minister;
- how projects are awarded to companies based on how much the directors liked the company and where months of assessments were thrown down the drain;
- where the Convenor of the meeting is going to treat us for dinner (Top of the M??) after we publish the code;
- if any one knew whats the difference between an overpass and a flyover.

Well, there were tons of other side discussions, but these are the few I can recall offhand. Kinda pity that it's the last meeting, but we have each others contact, and we still send requests for help to each other, everytime there's a need.


Warriors Orochi 2

Orochi 2 got tons of new characters lei.. Sun Wukong, NuWa, and the one in the center is actually Tang San Zhang!! Wahahaha.. female version! And fight with cloth one...

The Outsiders Theme Song..


Was early to work this morning. When I drove in the carpark, my 'si tau' was driving behind me... and when i parked, his car was 3 cars away from mine. But he took too long to get out of the car, so I went upstairs, got to my cubicle, opened the pc and started typing away. While doing that, he comes in, walks past my cubicle and with a shocked expression, said "woaaahhh, ani zha ah...hahaha" as if this is the first time I come at 8am. Then, one more colleague goes past and says, "wah so early" and another "U slept here overnight isit?" and another "His clothes in bag la, he just change only"... waa never stops. I really come that late meh? hmm... and this reminds me of the times when i wear formal.. "waaa today must have meeting" "he only wear formal when got impt meeting" "waa handsome lei (sarcastically)" and "I never see u wear formal b4 lei!"... think i am either dem prominent, or dem visible.


At a coffee shop, and I was with a small boy and an old man. The small boy asked the old man if he had tissue. The old man brought out this stack of what looks like something from the restroom and puts it on the table. The small boy looks at me and together we laugh non stop at what was on the table. The small boy put his hand in his pocket to take out his own tissue instead. Dun ask me why the small boy diden take out the tissue from his pocket in the first place, cos I dunno. Maybe is because his pants too tight or something ba... haha personal.. hee

When ur Hokkien sucks...


Si Beh Sui!!

Si Lang Sui!!!

Eh, can understand can aredy la, dun wan small prawn wont whack..

Side note...

There is a difficulty not to believe that Natsu has some special ability to make people puke blood.

Like this conversation with Makarov during a meeting with the members of the Fairy Tail Guild. While Mararov was at it, Natsu went to the toilet, and somehow, the conversation led to an unholy discussion about Dark Guilds. Makarov was having a cough. Each time he turns to the left to converse with Happy, his cough would subside. But every time he turned towards Natsu on his right, he would cough profusely. Think Natsu is not good for blood pressure.

And I'm not even going to mention about elfman, cos he reads my blog.

Bah Chang...

Colleague mom made bah chang at midnight for everyone in the office... so nice... hee

Tank kew aunty! not the 'aunty' aunty... is the colleague mother that aunty..

Watching a new anime..

Recommended by GKK.. At episode 3, so far so good..

We've got light!!

Yes...the bulbs are up...finally..

Simple Bf...

Simple prata bf. Asked for a ice blended coffee, but he only got milk shake plus coffee ice blended called 'Toffee'. When it came, really taste like toffee, not coffee. Kana con.

Home work...

Work at home never ends.. like work in the office, one is completed, and another comes. Just got a plumber in to repair a leaking pipe at the top of the toilet, and the wall has to be painted with sealant. Finish the sealant, and have to wait 24 hours before doing the painting. Got an electrician to fix the light switches, and after that is done, realise that 2 bulbs have burst, and now have to go to the light shop to buy special filament bulbs for the lights. Cleared the mess on the table, and realise that the bulk of the mess comes from travel documents that belong in the store. Have to clean store somemore. Seriously, maintaining a home isn't that easy.

Career Endings Moves

Think I have done enough of career ending moves to last me a lifetime...

First, I forgot to arrange a director's meeting, when I was supposed to be the secretary...
Then, I made a presentation using my direct boss as a focal point... think he was amused, not..
Later the same day, I used a white tiger as an example in a presentation, and was labelled an animal hater...
If that's not enough, I sent an email with comments, a few seconds after a director sent out an email saying that it was perfect...
I ran an operation, and something that was checked in the operation collapsed...
I just opened some Chinese music on the lappy, and the division director walks past my cubicle...
The biggest boss said that we know nothing about machines, and I told him he knows nothing about us...
And just today, a director asks me to see a picture, tell him what it is, got ecstatic, sent out an email to score points, and then receives an email from me saying that what he saw was wrong... and he cc'ed the whole world (all the other directors) of course...

Man, I think I am condemned...

PS: And why I used mei and xiao mei for the pic? Cute ma.. haha


Think I am Schizophrenic... someone said I was siao, another one said I was not representative of the people around me, yet another said I was helpful, and another said I was intellectual, someone else said I was quiet, another said I was retarded, one more said I was lame, and then one more said I was off, someone said I was different, another said I was special, and yet another said I was a good guy, another one said I was innocent, and yet another said I couldn't be innocent, and one more said I was crazy.. so, with so many personalities, how can I not be a schizophreniac?

That day of the month...

Cutting hair... is like going to the dentist. It always ends up in pain.

First u have to go to the $10 shop, put $10 in the machine, then take out the card. After that, u have to sit with 4 complete strangers that are all impatiently waiting for their turn to get some hair off their heads.

My normal experience is that there will somehow always be two aunties and one small boy cutting hair on any given day. While waiting for your turn, you will cross ur fingers and hope for dear life that the boy cuts slower than the aunties. Normally, the boy is someone that decided on a career in haircutting a few days ago, and will after a few days decide on a career change because he sucks at hair cutting. So, u get ur turn, and if u dun get the boy, then u know u wont suffer that much for the next week.

U sit down and wait while someone touches ur head and cuts off part of ur body. Yes, hair strands come from dead cells from ur body, and so, is a part of ur body. What happens normally is that I will end up either looking like a mushroom head, or a small boy, or a cross between a mushroom head and a small boy. Don't you even dare ask me what that looks like.

This time round, there was a surprise. I managed to avoid the small boy, but i got a malay aunty instead. No I am not racist, but frankly speaking, malay aunty in $10 shop is not a normal occurence. Normally, it will be chinese aunty with english accent. So, I got my hair cut... and finally emerge from the shop. This time, it's awfully normal. So normal, it isn't even worth mentioning. You notice i never even post a picture of a mushroom this time. Its like i've wasted half an hour of my life achieving something meaningless. The hair looks like... hair.

Legend of the Wolf

Just finished another stupid show.. haha.. downloaded le, dun waste ma. So watched finish the show..



Listening to 933 the whole day.. heh

亲爱的,那不是爱情 张韶涵
不要说话 陈奕迅
旋木 王菲
喜欢你 庭竹
夜盲症 Tanya
不完美的完美 Jones
如果我变成回忆 Tank
宽恕 神木与瞳
爱的城堡 卓文萱
那首歌 林宥嘉


逃避 停止不了戰爭 害怕 只會讓我們失去更多
- avoidance, will not stop a war... fear, will only make us lose more

Just finish watching the latest Mulan, which I downloaded sometime back.

Tak Chek....

Just bought a new book named 'The 13 Curses'. Heh, hopefully will be a good cure for insomnia.

Lo Put Sui Sang..


Waaa so tired... just finish a presentation at a management meeting, den have to rush to site to inspect a crane collapse... finish le, just have enough time to eat my maggi mee, and then have to rush 2 presentations for tomorrow morning and the prelim report for the accident. Sigh... as though my life is not bitter enough, someone has to make it worse... hai hai...