The blogging eclipse...

A colleague once fessed up that he spent 2 hours of his time reading this blog. No he is not gay (to your dismay).. he is just a wierdo who likes to read everything at once, rather than visit the site to see if there are updates. That was like ages ago.

Just clicked on the counter out of the blue, and waaa..82!! Considering that there is only 17 visitors, this must be another anomaly! It can't be the same wierdo, cos he is at home lying flat on his back from carrying too many babies.

So I guess it will be a mystery. And seeing that this only happens once in a long long time, I shall now term this phenomenon as THE BLOGGING ECLIPSE!! Well, u can call it 'the blogging comet', or 'the blogging earthquake', or 'the comet earthquake meteor blog' for all I care. But I am calling it 'THE BLOGGING ECLIPSE'!!!! Wahahhahaa!! (So fast back to usual crappy self..hahaha)...


Feel a lot of frustration, resentment and rejection. Don't know why I can't seem to keep everything in like I used to. Maybe I do too many stupid things, or maybe I'm becoming stupid. Feels tired just doing the things I do everyday. Maybe its just part of life, or maybe its just a rough spot. Always believe that once you hit rock bottom, you can only go up and things can only turn better. Well, I can convince a friend or two, but can't seem to convince myself. Maybe its about time to do something drastic or go somewhere else. Dem..I don't have any sleeping pills...

A letter...

Next Destination...

Going to visit Mordor, Edoras, and Fangorn Forest... where did I put my Legolas costume?!?

Wii: Cooking Mama..

For those who dun cook, this is a consolation... might be a good gift for the wife too...


So old still got gift from buddy... haha...


Was driving along a road, pass a junction on green light. Out of nowhere, a kid on a bicycle shot past my car. In instinct, I jammed on the brakes and hit the horn, watching him fly pass. There was another car turning in from the slip road that barely missed him, and he passed the slip road and made turned to his right. The car probably heard the horn and slowed down a little.

It's not like he was in a hurry or something. He just went pass, raised his hand and leisurely rode on like nothing happened. Wonder why he was willing to risk his life just to save a few seconds. I don't know, but to me, that's just plain reckless.


Thought I could get some rest after a long week. Ended up cleaning the house instead, cause the house was getting dirty. Oh well, at least I got the balcony cleaned. Been wanting to do that for a while.

Sleepy and tired...

Was trying very hard to finish reading my book yesterday night.. Grandfather Gottlieb's 'Letters to Sam'... but only managed 20 pages before I lay asleep with the lights still on. It gets so tiring these days that I can't even manage finishing a book anymore.. or perhaps, my ability to read is slowing down as age takes over. Oh well, I'll try to finish it tonight, but expect that I'd doze off again. Had a long day today. Good gracious it's the weekend already.

Grandmother story...

Ok, this is a very bad attempt at humor... but what the heck.. its my blog lei... and it makes me feel a bit better...


There was a clan meetup... and the venerable oak tree told of a prophecy that 5 arrows will be shot at our clansmen. As we anticipated the arrows, one flew out of the sky and hit an elf. Just as I was counting my luck, another 4 came out of the sky and aimed directly at me. I tried running, but got hit by 4 arrows. As I got hit, I mumbled "*&^%&$%#", then got back to my den.

The next day, as I was contemplating on how to deal with the 4 arrows, which were still stuck at my behind, a fifth one appears and hits me from below. I jumped and yelped...and then tried to pull out the arrow, but to no success, as the arrow was lodged deep underneath. Cursing my luck, I tried to chip on the arrow bit by bit, hoping it would come out sooner or later.

The following day, in the wee hours of morning, when the birds just started chirping, the venerable oak tree appeared and was carrying a big silvermane bow with an arrow. This arrow was a bit different. According to the oak tree, this arrow will negate another arrow that was shot at me before I got shot by the 4 arrows, leaving the wound there, but making the previous arrow unaccounted for. "The previous arrow will no longer be considered as an arrow" said the venerable oak tree. And then pulls out the bow and aims it at my behind. Getting used to the pain and believeing it's fated, I turned over and accepted the next arrow.

Just when I thought that it was the end of the arrows being shot, considering that my behind was only that big and could only accomodate a certain number of arrows, another arrow appears out of nowhere and plunges into the depths of whatever is left of my behind.

Feeling numb, but still needing to tend to the 7 arrows, I went to see a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor told me that it is normal to be shot by 7 arrows and to accept that the arrows will come out eventually, but will be replenished shortly afterwords, as part of the clan ritual. His last words of wisdom, before I left his hut, was "either go to another clan....or...increase the size of your behind!".

Gong Tau...

a) Tapped my staff pass on the MRT station exit
b) Tapped my credit card on the office door access
c) Tapped my condo pass on the office door access
And just a while ago:
d) Tapped my staff pass at my condo door access.... again.

Think I better sleep earlier tonight.

Hawaii 501...

My immediate sup gave us a treat at Hooters as his farewell. Finally managed to get him to do the hula hoop....

Got a Guitar Hero for Valentines!!


Cool... especially if you're a Janice Vidal fan.. particularly like song no 3... shh... dun tell anyone..


Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, Sakana No Ko...

Lyrics (Romaji):
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
Asitte iina kakechao
Otetewa iina tunaijao

Anoko to haneru to une mo odoruyo
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
Anoko ga daisuki

Makkakka no Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Gake no ue ni yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo onna no ko
Manmaru onaka no genkina ko

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it's a fish kid
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
How nice to have feet! I'll try to run!
How nice to have hands! I'll try to hold hands with!

When I jump with her, my heart dances along
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
I love her so much!

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it's a fish kid in red
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl


I guess there's no contentment in being human... when we have too much to do, we sulk about it, complaining about how much we have been assigned, how hard things are to get done, why things always come to us... and then, when we have everything taken away from us, we sulk again... wondering why nothing important is assigned to us, wondering why there is no job satisfaction, whether we are sidelined or if our self worth is being questioned.
I guess its not that we are unhappy or unsatisfied, only that humans tend to want to express what they feel... the current stresses, the work loads, the milestones... just to let off some of our expressions of feeling burdened with work.. It's hard to be content at a workplace and even harder to be content when everything seems to be either too much or too little...
Haha...see...I'm whining too...


Had tang hoon crab today... was quite dissapointing because the chef left out the black pepper from the black pepper tang hoon crab. Maybe they changed chef..

Boredom knows no bounds... and it has come to this...

Rooms in pet society.. and yes... I have one..