Mini Reunion?

Met an old friend yesterday night for tea. When i got there, we ordered drinks and he asked how was the house. After telling him that i got the keys and that the condo has TOP, he told the kopi aunty, "ta pao".. and asked me to get my car and drive him to see my new condo.
So we went from teck whye kopi tiam to the condo. It was already like 9pm, and the only light that was working was the restroom light they used for testing. Went in and showed him around. He had a torch, so that was about the only way we could see the unit.
Gave me some tips on turning the kitchen window into a plate drying rack and told me about his homogenous tiles too. Seems like he wanted to have the tiles really close, and because of that, after a while, the tiles started warping.
Haha. Ended up being a tour guide instead of catching up.

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