Ribs, ice cream, antihistamine and a leadership book...

Antihistamine - medication for allergies, that causes drowsiness and helps on runny nose. I had 1/2 yesterday. Taking 1 today.

Ribs - part of the chest region of a 4 legged creature.
Blooies Ribs - A great rack marinated with BBQ sauce that is satisfactorily filling.

Ice Cream - Something you put in your mouth when you're feeling down
Kopi Ice Cream - Something you put in your mouth when u love coffee and am feeling down

Leadership - Not forcing people to respect you
Leadership book - Book teaching you how to not force people to respect you
Nice Leadership book - something someone leaving the department gives you

Sleep - Something I need more of... and am getting some now... zzz

HK Drama Serial

Watching "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" now.. heh


Been a long long time since I visited Wizards of the Coast website on MTG. So many new mechanics and the introduction of planeswalkers and commanders. And legendary and avatars are everywhere.
Couldn't help but wonder what kinda deck would be good.

Reanimation used to be my favourite, but it doesn't win games. It's just cool when you kick it off. But this card rocks for the deck.

And a planeswalker to thin your opponents deck? In 6 rounds, his 60 card deck would become nothing. 

And for Avatar lovers, I saw Avatar of Fury and Avatar of Sorrow in 2 of the commander decks, and tons of new ones like this one.

Wahaha.. those were the days.


Yep...sick again... damn.Still waiting for my anime to finish loading.

Here's my currently watching list:

Bleach - 336
Naruto Shippuuden - 226
Nurahiyon no Mago Sennen Makyou - 9
Thundercats - 6
Fairy Tail - 94

They really should speed up the anime production... for the good of mankind.

Johnny English Reborn...

Saw this trailer in the movies. Slapstick but funny.


Just watched Final Destination 5... for those who have heart problems or those that can't stand gory scenes, please don't watch this. Very very very gory. Eeeeeyeeerrr...

Bleach Movie 4 - Jigoku Hen (Hell's Chapter)

Just finished watching this. Not too bad. Ichigo is again made to look like god, with Sinners wanting him to destroy Hell's Gate. Beginning was pretty cool, with a Sinner losing his mask and being dragged back to hell, but I kinda wished they built up more on these characters. rather than introduce a one ultimate villan thing. Haha, enough spoilers, go to anime-media.com, the movie is subbed already.

Oh ya, and Rukia comes back unscathed after going to hell? hmm..

Fallen sick....

   Got the bug... fever and sore throat. Now bedridden.

Nurarihiyon - Ayakashi that personifies dreams and fantasy..

Meikyoshisui - The water's surface smooth as a mirror, can be shattered with just a ripple - 'Invoke' that makes a person undetectable.

Kyokasuigetsu - A ripple on the water, will make the moon unreachable - 'Possession' that makes others aware of his presence but he is not there, making you even more aware of his presence.

If only I had such abilities..


Soooooo tired. Just took the dreaded phone... had a days rest and then went for some summit... finished lunch and had to rush to site to lift some order... tomorrow got some meeting... followed by another lifting on site... and then have to rush back for yet another meeting... and tomorrows meeting is scheduled to overrun. Worst thing is motivating people and giving people a purpose.. when you're demotivated and have no purpose yourself. Demmmmmm tiring..


I hate Mondays. I hate work. I hate going to the office. Arrggghhh!!

Marvel vs Capcom

Wahaha onslaught!! U r owned!! Good old days on the pc... hand pain... not used to using keyboard to replace joystick...



Used to hate sub... but now we visit it at least once every fortnight, if not every week.

Everytime I have this... it always end up with the same sub...

6 inch, CBR, honey oat, toasted, no extra cheese, cucumbers + lettuce + olives (i used to hate olives too), honey mustard, meal, cookies both chocolate chip and coke.

Guess I am a sucker for familiarity.

Next addition to the family...

Cannot guess ah...

Naruto 4 tails la... keke...

Battle of San Bi

It was a hard fought battle, as two armies clashed with blood and sweat splashed all over the battle field. Shu, led by Liu Bei, marched valiantly in opposition of the tyrannical Wei. But Wei's forces were bolstered at the battle of San Bi, employing the evil Dong Zhuo as their vanguard.   

After a long day of battle, it finally ended with one warrior at each side. Zhao Yun for Shu, and Cao Pi for Wei. Zhao Yun gave the final blow throwing Cao Pi to the ground. At the end of the battle, Zhao Yun looked around and saw the bloodshed and lost lives of people. The battle was won, but it didn't feel like a victory.  

Ripples in the water..

Stark realities, through the past few weeks, where so many things happen in such a short period of time. Learned a lot about human nature, how people tend to be and what people are like, driven by their sins of pride, greed, envy, sloth. People I thought I knew, who turned out to be nothing but monsters that valued material gains above everything else, people who misuse their positions to get what they want to satisfy their biased needs, people who bite the hand that fed them and let self preservation lead their actions, people who forget how much they got in the past and only remember what they have in the present. I guess sometimes my judgement of character is flawed, that I now regret ever knowing or befriending people like that. Maybe its not a bad thing, maybe it drives me to be more aware of what this world truly is. Of what people really are in essence, some hiding behind others, some running away from everything, others pretending that things are ok and some priding themselves for doing nothing wrong. It's really a dog eat dog world, there are no nice people or good people, only people who make use of you for their benefit at the moment. And at the end of the day, this is the kind of world we live in. Trust no one. Believe in no one. It's a world I have begin to hate. This world we live in.



Just finished packing foodstuff for charity. Feels good helping out. :)

Took my mind off a lot of things for that short moment. :p

Hate you - 2NE1

Just heard this on the radio...catchy... and animated..

Jump 2011!!

Just watched this at Esplanade... funny.. haha..



Can't believe it... they actually remade Thundercats!! Haha, used to watch it when young... but the new version is really quite cool. Though Mummra has much to be improved on.

Failed attempt at Happy..

Looks so sad.. like why?? Why did u make me?? Why????


So tired. Finished a meeting in the morning, and was going to do some desk work for the remaining part of the day, when a fellow colleague came over and asked if I could help out with an accident site. Ended up spending the next 6 hrs from 11am to 5pm combing a site near Woodlands. We combed quite a bit, but it just felt like there was more we could do.

Ended back in the office and left at 6+. Not much appetite to finish up my steamboat and had a cup of extra coffee frappucino ('extra coffee' cost me 80c!!) on the way home. Think I will laze around for a bit and sleep early. Thank God it's a holiday tomorrow.


It feels funny... watching people I know slowly quit and leave the organisation. It's like history repeating itself again and again, only back then, I was one of the earliest to leave, so it spared me the farewells and goodbyes. It took me 6 years to leave, but when I decided to, I just did it. I guess I am not that driven, despite what people tell me, I would've left the company years back if I was. But well, it takes a catalyst to make me budge I guess, and the catalyst is pretty strong.
A lot of friends are leaving, or have already gone. As one put it, "You're not planning to stay here forever are you? I'm thinking like 1 to 2 years, all of us will be gone". It's sad, hearing that another friend might leave. And that more and more people will start to leave, whether we like it or not. If we don't, then the things that follow would be ours to blame and no one elses.

Maybe I'm just too lazy, and maybe I'm just making excuses. But there will be a time when I've had enough, and I hope that time comes soon. Then I can spare myself the suffering and bid others farewell, instead of having to say bye to all the nice people i know.

Gantz sequel... Perfect Answer..

That Man, That Woman...

That Man by Hyun Bin

That Woman by Baek Ji Young

Bali..Sunset at Tanah Lot..

Waa...some of these are reeeallly good..

Corner wif Luv..

They playing Barbie Hsu and Show Luo on TV...so sobby... yawn.. but the song is nice..

Good night world..

Om Nom...

Finally finish all of Toy Box... just before the next expansion.. haha

But got tons more drawings to find...

Yawn 2am... time to call it a night..