2day is a tiring day... went to work, then got a request to do interviews... started on one guy and it seemed to be ok, although it took something like 3 hours to get 1 done.

When I started the second guy, it made me really frustrated. He totally gets everything wrong, got a cert but doesn't know a thing on what his job is about, and feigns to know everything. He looks at the plan on the table, sees two dots on it... and claim that there are 2 people there! Thinking that someone said that! If I put 5 dots there, he will tell me there are 5 people there!! Then he tells me that something swinging on a machine, can fly 20+m away! I mean I can't really put details here, but the guy is a total nut case! Ended up with a colleague telling me to reschedule the interview and get him a translator. I doubt a translator would help. Almost puked blood, though I was parking a pained smile the whole time.

A friend reminded me that he might be afraid that he says something wrong and gets deported. Perhaps he is trying to pretend that he is not a liable witness and hence we shouldn't use him...(that's smart leh!)

Got into a discussion with the boss on a new thing the dept has to take on, for a second time in a row, and he says he will do something about it, though I doubt he really would. But it's not going to stop me from agruing a case with him anyway.

Went back to a cubicle and saw an email. So tired, just click on reply to all and sent the sender a response. Another friend came over and asked me if I knew that the Director's name was in the list!??!

Drove over to the new house to see the false ceiling. The floor was really dirty, so ended up mopping the floor. Finish aredy, drive to foodcourt for dinner. Had to queue a super long queue just to get some noodles.

So tired..I think I can sleep straight away...

gd nite...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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