Melody and Surfer Kola

They're showing Galileo on TV!! In Chinese!!

Hahaha.. It's not this episode though... it's the poltergeist one..

Another one!!

Think this one is from K-ON..

Shunkan Sentimental..

So different seeing this than from listening to it during full metal alchemist brotherhood... and it's live!!!

No spirit...

Second time in a row... first I drive to work, and half way through ended up going the opposite direction heading home. By the time I reached Farrer then realise that I was going the wrong way, and had to make a U-turn.

Today I drive from work... ended up going on Paterson Hill... and Grange Rd... and Paterson again. Half way decided to on the GPS, so that I don't go the wrong way again.

Think I really need some rest.

Life sucks..

anxiety from morning to night.. never ends.. hais..

No more anime to watch..

sob sob... finished Shippuuden, Bleach and Fairy Tail till latest ep liao.... nothing else to watch le... sob


I was hunting for Angela Zhang's Journey piano sheets for the longest time. I had quite a number of different tabs, and where others requested thru email, I shared those with them. But no one ever seems to come across this piece, originally written by Corrine May. Even when I tried to get the Corrine May piano book, I just couldn't find it. Then one day, someone just writes to me and asks me if I found the piece. I said no, but promised that if I did, I would definitely send him a copy of it. A few weeks later, I get this email back from that person, saying that he found it, and that I probably was looking for it as hard as he did. 
Well, thanks Shawty Yang, whoever you are, and for the benefit of everyone that had tried to find it: