Point to ponder..

Things which matters most... should never be at the mercy of things which matters least...

Who sez engineers can't joke?

Was at an engineering forum.. and I can guarantee you its nothing like u imagine.
A speaker started the forum with a joke.

He said, "U know Farn Wang?"
"Farn Wang? The prominent figure?"
"Faaarnnnn Waaangggg!!?!"
After 20 seconds of trying....and feeling frustrated, he blurted out
"Farn Wang and Christopher Lee!!"

And everyone else went "Oooooh... Fann Wong."
Yet another speaker made a comment that is hard to argue with...

He said, "We can kill millions. In fact, each time we kill, we kill millions. Doctors only can kill one at a time. So why are we engineers being paid so much less?"

Harry Potter!

Yaay! Managed to catch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this morning. No spoilers here.. I'm not mentioning a thing.. but I do have something against cliff hangers..
And what does RBA stand for? Royal British Architect? Risk Based Assessor? Real Big A******? Hmm..
Yep, haven read the book..
And I'm very sure that guy diden die. He can't die. The other guy probably put him in a deep sleep that mimics death or something.
Oops.. is this considered a spolier? Okok zipp..... Hahahaha


Buffet on a Thursday night...haha..

Lesson learnt...

Ok... so I almost killed a colleague. We were cracking a joke, and just as she took in a sip of water, I added a line or two... and she almost choked to her death. No kidding.

Lesson learnt: Don't crack jokes just after someone takes water.. serious..

Dandelion's Promise.. longer version..


Was walking out of a lift and going into the office, when I saw an aunty holding some green files. I held the door for her, and she thanked me and went in. Then she turned a corner, and her colleague said out loud, "waaa... the files and your clothing same color... everyone must be looking at u!" Almost burst out in laughter.. but had to control composure..

Shanghai Building Collapse!

Building seems to be in one piece, someone probably earned a couple of billions in skimming on the foundation...


Today was a bad day for me. Half way through the day, frustration just set in. It's wasn't the stress of meetings and work I was supposed to deal with, sarcasm I kept receiving or crap that kept piling. Something just broke inside today. Felt heavy and tired, like the whole weight of the world just dropped on me. Can't explain the feeling, the lethargy and the lack of mood to get anything done.

Finished my meeting late afternoon, and felt like throwing in the towel. Finished up what I wanted to do for the day, and a colleague mentioned as a passing remark that I was just too efficient, so efficient, that it's just irritating. I guess it's just cumulative. It's getting difficult to put on a smile everyday, and harder and harder day by day to make the people happy. Think I really suck at being a person. Sigh.

Going to drink cough mixture and sleep. Good nite.

Licence to Lift!

Finally! The course is over! Just took the exam this morning, and I am finally qualified as a lifting supervisor! Not that I can ever make a career out of it, or that I'm supposed to put up a report after the course, but it just feels good closing up the loop after a gruelling week of sitting there and listening to lectures.
Was nice getting to know 2 colleagues whom I seldom communicate with better, and I wont deny that it's a good break from work. Monday is back to the drawing board, and I can expect more PARC spelt backwards coming, but well, what comes will come.
So, congratulate me! I am a licenced lifting supervisor now. And anyone who needs to coordinate operators, riggers and signalmen, please contact me. A minimal fee can be negotiated. Haha.


Was at a course and feeling sleepy when I took a look at a slide in the lecture notes and saw the words "Sheep, minimum wolf..". My eyes shut close, and then I jerked a bit and was awake. I thought... what the... this is a lifting course, why are there wolves and sheeps? I took a better look at the notes and saw "Shape, minimum width..." Aaaaaaa.... I need sleeeppp..