A good samaritan...

One thing you don't find nowadays is courtesy. During my trip back to Malaysia, I had breakfast at a dim sum restaurant. We were looking around for seats, but all of the seats in the restaurant were taken. Just then, a table was cleared and there was this Uncle with his daughter and granddaughter waiting at the table. He saw us and immediately offered to share the table with us. There were six seats on the round table, so we took half the table. On top of that, he asked and offered to order tea for us as he was ordering tea for his family too. Then when we wanted to order food, he called for the waiter and helped us with the orders. He then explained that his family frequents the dim sum restaurant quite frequently and hence he is quite familiar with the staff of the restaurant. His daughter jokes that he was so free that he occasionally helps with the dishes and bowls even though he is a customer and not a waiter. We finished the meal, paid the bill and went off feeling a bit wierd actually. After staying for almost 10 years in Singapore, I just am not really used to that kind of courtesy. I mean, back in Singapore, to not have the waiter or the cab driver curse at you is a blessing. I do honestly wish the Uncle a healthy and good life for he reminded me that courtesy still exists!

OMG!! Die la! Train coming!!

Had a shock while driving this morning. I was driving along Choa Chu Kang Rd toward the junction leading to Upper Bukit Timah Rd. I was in a traffic jam, and just before reaching the junction, there is a yellow box and traffic signal for a railway crossing for KTM. Seeing that the car in front of me was moving forward and that the traffic light was green, I took a quick glance and saw that there was sufficient space in front for both our cars to move forward. The car in front moved past the yellow box, but just as I crossed it, he purposely stops a good distance away from the car in front of him, leaving me with insufficient space to clear the remaining quarter of my car past the yellow box! Just then, the traffic signal turns red and the signal for the train approaching appears and the idiot in front of me refuses to surge forward even though there was a huge gap in front of him! I could've gotten that quarter of my car knocked off by the train! Luckily the traffic signal at the junction turned green and the cars started moving. Sometimes, I really don't get the rationale behind these drivers' minds. Is it pleasurable getting others into trouble just because you're inconsiderate? To the driver in front of me this morning, I seriously hope you don't have kids. Cause they'll all have no backside!

Eh, I change title leh!

Same conversation for months and nobody seems bored by this topic. Some idiot made a decision that all our titles had to be improved to match the industry. So Engineer becomes Executive Engineer, Manager becomes Director, Driver becomes Senior Driver etc. Pay same, work same, title si beh hiong. Then they pass more work to you and they say, "eh, now you executive leh, have to work harder and do more leh". WTF, salary same, take home pay same, CPF same, dick head also same but title si beh hiong must do more. Next thing they become innovative and give us title 'God' and then we all do miracles no need salary eat grass and work!!

Fan Tai Sui and the Year of the Dog

I was enjoying the day when I passed by a colleagues cubicle. There and then, my colleague passed me an article regarding on the 2006 zodiac. Not that I'm really superstitious, but being Chinese I hold on to my roots to belief in a minimal amount of the zodiac. Just then, my colleague pointed out that the 'Dragon' is not going to have a good year this year. "Fan Tai Sui, better be careful" my colleague exclaimed. After reading what the article wrote, my streak of happiness just fell like withering leaves. To make matters worse, my colleague pulls out a second article from another newspaper and said, "Eh, this one also say the same thing leh!" I'm not superstitious, but psychologically speaking - there goes my year.

PS: If you're a Dragon, forget this article 5 seconds after reading it. Finding the zodiac and reading it will only bring you misery for the rest of the year!! ;P