Old lessons..

This morning, while having breakfast, a friend joked that I was finishing every strand of beehoon left on the plate. It was then, when he joked about it, that I remembered what my grandma used to tell us. "Finish your food clean. Any remainder on the plate would be how the skin of your spouse would look like".

From young, we believed that, and made sure that whatever food is given to us is finished clean. We never queried the validity of the statement, or rather was too young to. We just did as was told, being afraid of what might really happen to our spouses.
Fast forward 20 yrs, and I guess that it was lessons on virtue that was being thought to us. Fact was that no kid would listen to an adult to finish their food if they were just told to do so. Add some myth or tale in the story and it becomes a habit. Now that I'm 30+, it's funny that subconsciously, I still follow what I've been thought when I was young.

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