The carpenter came over to settle the bill, and while we were having a casual conversation on how the study should look like, we went to the topic on how the cables would be hidden. The lady looked at me and asked 'why got so many cables'. And I said 'cable modem, router, power supply, antenna'. She looked at me with a queer look and said, isn't the modem and router supposed to be in the living? You want it in the study? So I had to confess, that I hadn't managed to configure the wireless router and that pc is now connected to the internet directly thru an ethernet cable connected to the modem (yes, I don't know what that means). So I asked her how she did it, and she told me that her brother configured it. As usual, being thickskinned, I asked if her brother was available (to configure the pc la). She said she would get him to pen down a few notes on how it is done and send it over via email.
Later in the night, I took out the manuals for the cable modem and router, went to a couple of websites and yahoo answers... and guess what... I am now blogging this from the room!! (In case u dun know what that means, it means I got the router up and running la).

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