Top 10 ideas for things to do when you feel bored...

1. Surf your friends blogs.
2. Go facebook and zap, hit, sell, buy, race, fight, build all your friends. If you have extra time, poke and superpoke everyone on your friends list.
3. Think of something u'd like answered. Wiki it. Then yahoo answers it. And if you're still not satisfied, search for a related forum and make a post in the forum. Then sit patiently and wait for someone to answer it.
4. Catch an old movie u missed on
5. Experiment on different ways of making fried rice i.e. vary the salt, no of eggs, etc.
6. Find an instrument in your house, pick it up and try to compose a song. If u don't have an instrument, just whistle.
7. Bite your fingernails.
8. Locate the person on your messenger or msn list that u least speak to, click on him/her, and try to initiate a conversation.
9. Clean the house.
10. Post a blog post!!

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